A comparison between SDJ’s displays: Prestige and Glam

comparison between Prestige and Glam

Jewelry displays are more than normal display stands; they are also design elements that are able to enrich the interior design of a jewelry store and highlight products in the best possible way.

We at SDJ Packing designed and produced two jewelry display collections with very distinct styles, which we have perfected over time: the Prestige series and the Glam series.

Our collections

Before pointing out all the features of each series, let’s take a look at some common characteristics. All our display stands are designed in Italy, where a team of designers and graphic designers sketches, plans and finalizes all our design pieces for high jewelry.

The Research and Development department analyzes the most innovative and performing fashion trends, shapes and materials to make prime-quality, versatile and visually impactful display stands.

We know the world of gold and jewelry inside out and that allows us to conceive displays that can enhance very different collections.

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Collezioni a confronto

Our background as craftsmen, the selection of the best materials, as well as the in-house leak and wear and tear testing, guarantee the highest quality. Our display stands are sturdy and long lasting – they are a real investment for our clients.

That’s how our Glam and Prestige collections were conceived: they were born out of the combination of craftsmanship and a cosmopolitan vision, out of a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The Prestige series

The Prestige series is the perfect option for prestigious collections. Just like all our proposals, it was first conceived by carefully observing the clients’ needs and requests.

This series has a very polished style with squared lines and clear-cut edges, which suits all kinds of store windows and different displays. It was specifically designed for luxury brands, since it can highlight each detail of the most valuable jewels.

The lacquered version is even more sophisticated and precious. It turns every window display into a fully luxurious experience. The glossy surfaces create a play on reflections, making the space look bigger.

The greatest asset of this series is the possibility to combine different materials and colors in only one display. The cylinder ring display, for instance, is covered with soft leatherette in its top part, while its base is lacquered and its structure is made of metal.

The T-bar earring displays can also come in different materials: they can have either a metal or a covered structure, combined with a lacquered base and a top piece made of leatherette.

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The Glam series

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The Glam series is the kind of jewelry display we opt for when we deal with trendy collections. It has soft and sinuous lines and rounded shapes that greatly differ from the Prestige line.

The Glam series, conceived for trendy brands which also come out with seasonal collections, manages to enhance jewels without overshadowing them.

It is, therefore, ideal for less sophisticated collections which could not be properly enhanced by a display with Prestige accessories. A young, fresh and trendy collection pairs perfectly well with the Glam series.

Full customization

Our Prestige series for the most refined collections and the Glam series for the trendier collections offer a wide range of standard solutions that were conceived to satisfy several kinds of corporate needs.

This doesn’t mean that these display stands cannot be customized – quite the contrary. We can design any product following our clients’ specific needs, changing sizes, covering materials, colors and finishes.

We can choose among a wide range of materials, such as leatherette, microfiber, velvet or satin which is ideal for display stands with geometrical lines as well as rounded shapes. Moreover, the Prestige series can also be lacquered with a glossy or mat finish.

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The Prestige and Glam displays belong to standard lines that were born out of our clients’ needs. That’s why it is important that they suit as many requests as possible.

We always propose our designs to our customers, but we are also willing to use them as starting point for a fully tailored project. We are convinced that nobody knows a collection better than the company that has designed it and that’s why we are always keen on following our client’s indications.

As we always say, there is no such thing as the perfect jewelry display that can fit all collections, but there are jewelry displays that are more suited to specific needs. Each jewel has a display that matches its features and best enhances its specific characteristics, and finding the right pairing is paramount to enhance the beauty of a jewel and communicate the collection’s identity to viewers.

Our Prestige and Glam collections are ideal for prestigious collections as well as for younger and trendy brands and they offer fully customized display stands which are not only sturdy, but also elegant and impressive.

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