A new brand image for SDJ Packing

brand image for SDJ Packing

We at SDJ Packing design and build display stands, window displays, packaging and everything you need to display jewels, and ship them all over the world.

We take care of jewelry displays and everything related to gold and jewels. By taking part in the main trade fairs, we are able to identify international trends and gain worldwide recognition.

SDJ Packing, a success story

Over the course of only six years, we managed to turn a local company into an international brand with two headquarters and an entire production chain, from consulting to shipping.

The launch of the Asian branch in Dongguan in 2021 gave us first-class access to international markets and allowed us to handle logistics and shipping in an entirely new way.

Thanks to our geographical distribution, we can provide our clients with the highest flexibility in terms of delivery and collection of merchandise all over the world.

We work with clients from 45 countries and ship by sea, air and land both from Italy and from China. We take care of logistics fully in-house, which allows us to handle shipping in the smartest way.

Manufacturing and product development are managed directly by our branch in Dongguan, in full compliance with the highest quality standards that have made us so famous and loved since the launch of our brand.

As a matter of fact, SDJ Packing, which was born in 2015, comes from a strong background in craftsmanship. The creative soul of our company is fully Italian, as well as the design, planning and prototyping, which are 100% made in Italy.

SDJ Packing new image

A target-oriented company rebranding

SDJ Packing new image

After having opened the new branch in China and having gained access to new global markets, we felt the need to convey a stronger and consistent brand image.

We, therefore, opted for a full company rebranding: both the website and the company book have been recreated from scratch.

The catalogs, business cards and letterhead paper have also been radically changed to show to clients a completely upgraded image in line with the company’s new targets and perspectives.

A fully updated trade show booth

Our pride and joy is the trade show booth which has been redesigned from scratch, paying great attention to every detail so that it can serve many different purposes, on top of highlighting our products. It is set up in different ways for each individual trade fair, so as to make it more practical and appealing depending on the products that were selected for that specific market. 

Jewelry display is, as a matter of fact, not the same all over the world and we change our offer depending on the target market of the trade show. The shapes, colors and display methods will differ according to the place of origin of customers.

We, therefore, needed an upgraded and modern trade show booth which was supposed to be fully modulable and easy to change, but also capable of conveying the brand identity values and our philosophy. 

So, we opted for a modular, gilded metal grid with ivory shelves and built-in lighting, so that the product on display is framed and enhanced in the best possible way.

SDJ Packing new image
SDJ Packing new image

The exhibition space is wide, bright, well defined but also eye-catching. It is a real magnet for guests, allowing them a full-immersion experience in SDJ Packing’s designs.

By 2023 we will also upgrade our showroom in line with the style of the trade show booth. We will be welcoming our clients in an immersive SDJ Packing’s world, where nothing will be left to chance. The showroom will be designed down to the smallest details to welcome clients in a comfortable and inspirational area, where they can design new lines and always find our products.

By doing so, the permanent exhibition of our designs in the Arezzo headquarter will also avail of a wide, enticing set up which will surely inspire new trends.

The SDJ Packing’s style, a signature feature

When we decided to upgrade our image, we took into consideration our new business opportunities on a global scale.

Our main purpose was defining a style that we could call our own, that is unique, personal and recognizable.

We aim at reaching the perfect balance between classic and modern, elegant and practical. Our identity cannot be defined by a label, but it is rather a delicate balance between different styles.

SDJ Packing new image
SDJ Packing new image

In order to design the new image of our brand and make our brand more contemporary in line with our cosmopolitan mission, we took inspiration from the elegant art movement of Pre-Raphaelites and the class of the Deco style of the 20s. We analyzed these movements and retracing their iconic lines, we created our brand image.

The new appearance of SDJ Packing fully reflects our business approach. Aesthetics and functionality must be perfectly balanced, so that one does not prevail over the other.

As a matter of fact, in jewelry displays, as well as in presentation and packaging, aesthetics and design only work if they’re combined with the highest quality.

SDJ Packing new image
SDJ Packing new image
SDJ Packing new image
SDJ Packing new image