Boxes or pouches: a matter of style

Come scegliere la tipologia di espositore in base alla posizione nel negozio

Boxes and pouches are essential complements to precious gifts. As a matter of fact, jewelry packaging is not only useful to package the gift, but also to enhance the identity of the collection in a functional and elegant way.

How do boxes and pouches differ? Which elements should determine our choice? Let’s take a look at it together.

An elegant packaging perfectly matching the jewel

Packaging should hold the precious jewel in the most suitable way, that means:

  • It must suit the size and prestige of the jewel
  • It must reflect its style and identity

As far as the first claim is concerned, we need to make a distinction between size and prestige. The box or pouch should, first of all, be the right size. Caution: a packaging that is too small does not properly enhance the jewel, while a packaging that is too big will probably overpower the jewel.

Now let’s move on to prestige. Not all jewels have the same relevance. A bracelet with colorful charms is not as impactful as a diamond necklace. Jewelry packaging should be as prestigious as the jewels it contains: for instance, a simple, flat fabric pouch is ideally suited for the bracelet with charms, while a diamond necklace will require an equally prestigious packaging, such as a hinged-lid box with a sophisticated line, a sumptuous covering material like velvet and particular finishing, such as contrast borders.

jewelry packaging
jewelry packaging

Let’s move on to the second claim: packaging should reflect the jewel’s style and identity and be perfectly harmonious and consistent. As mentioned in our article about different box models, the size of the packaging is determined by the size of jewels, whereas we must pay the greatest attention to the selection of particular lines, colors, materials and finishes.

We at SDJ Packing reckon that customization is the key to success. All our boxes and pouches are 100% customizable, both as far as outside covering materials and interior pads are concerned, in order to provide each customer with the right, tailor-made solution for them.

A powerful marketing tool

Logos are an essential element on every packaging. Shoppers are the best example of that: customers physically bring the name and symbol of the brand around, thereby spreading and promoting it.

However, boxes and pouches can also tell the story and values of a brand, by providing a visual and tactile experience evoking emotions and feelings. Packaging provides clients with their first impression of a brand: being able to win over customers at first glance is paramount.

jewelry packaging

How to choose the best packaging options

As previously said, the size of the jewel is the first determining factor leading us to choose a specific size of packaging. Then, we need to consider the weight, value and prestige of the jewel.

jewelry packaging

Afterwards, we should also consider the budget. A cardboard box does not obviously cost as much as a pouch 4.0. Generally speaking, we can say that the higher the value of jewels, the more we should invest on packaging: simple silver rings and gold bracelets with precious stones should not have the same packaging.

Once we have restricted our options, we have to select the option that can best reflect the collection’s style, or design it from scratch. You should take into account every element – going from the covering material, through the color hue and the tactile effect, all the way to different textures and shapes that can be soft and rounded or clear-cut and modern.

Boxes and pouches?

Boxes and pouches are extremely different, but equally effective options for jewelry packaging. The selection mainly depends on the prestige of the jewel contained in the packaging, but it is impossible to define exactly which jewels should go in a box and which in a pouch.

Let’s also keep in mind that the available option range for boxes and pouches is very wide. Both the cardboard box and the rigid hinged-lid box with particular finishes and covering made of different materials and colors belong to the ‘box’ category. In the same way, both the flat fabric pouch and the small leatherette bag with zipper and tassel belong to the ‘pouch’ category.

However, it is possible to define two main differences between these two kinds of packaging. Let’s take a look at them.


Generally speaking, boxes are the most prestigious option, especially in the case of more sophisticated models with high-quality finishes, such as the Evolution line boxes, to which we dedicated an article.

They are especially suitable for bigger and more precious jewels which, if packed in a rigid case, do not risk getting damaged.

jewelry packaging
jewelry packaging


There are many kinds of pouches, but this option can hardly provide the same level of luxury and prestige as some of our boxes.

Unlike boxes, pouches are not rigid cases. Even though it makes the packaging look less glamorous, this can also be an advantage, first of all in the case of online sales. Shipping a lightweight, soft pouch that is hardly cumbersome is obviously more convenient!

To conclude, boxes and pouches are two jewelry packaging options that are very different but equally efficient. We can’t say that one model is better than another one, but we can say that they suit different needs. The most important thing is finding the packaging that can best interpret and enhance the jewel identity. Only by doing so can we truly create elegant and functional packaging.