Bracelet displays: how to choose the best ones

Bracelet displays: how to choose the best ones

Which are features that jewel displays should ideally have? First of all, they should be practical and functional, as well as having, of course, the best quality.

However, display stands should also be beautiful, elegant and refined design objects. Shapes, colors, materials and different textures: everything must be perfect.

We have already talked about necklace displays, ring displays and earring displays. Let’s now take a look at bracelet displays and let’s find out how to choose the most suitable display stand for every bracelet model.

Rigid and soft bracelets need different displays, and the display also changes depending on whether the bracelets are laid out flat or fastened. Let’s take a look at all different options.

Soft bracelets

Soft bracelets – whether chain bracelets, charm bracelets or multi-strand bracelets – can be either laid out flat or fastened for the display.

The first option highlights the jewel and any precious stones or pendants it might have, while the second option shows what the bracelet would look like when being worn.

In order to display fastened soft bracelets, you have the following options.

Cylinder displays

A cylinder display can come with no riser and it can be laid both vertically and horizontally, or it can come with a removable riser that slightly raises it.

It comes in standard or customizable sizes and it can be used to display one bracelet at the time or many bracelets one next to another. It can be covered, with a lacquered riser and it comes in more than 500 colors. Cylinder displays are the most commonly used display stands for bracelets.

Cylinder displays are not only ideal to display any kind of soft bracelets. As we shall see later on, they also suit rigid bracelets, as well as watches with leather, leatherette or even plastic wristbands.

jewelry display
jewelry display

Oval-shaped displays and pillow pads

Oval-shaped displays can also come with a riser or with a small, L-shaped pedestal which is hidden behind the display stand, creating a slight tilt to make the display more appealing.

Oval-shaped displays that do come with a riser have a magnetic riser raising the display stand and making it stand out.

Pillow pads are simple and extremely versatile jewelry displays which were conceived for any bracelet model, both soft and rigid.

Oval-shaped displays are also suitable for all kinds of soft bracelets and watches. Just like cylinder displays, they come in different sizes depending on the number of bracelets to be displayed.

A bigger display is, for instance, ideal to enhance a collection of tennis bracelets. If you place them in a color scale, they will surely make for a visually impactful display.


These displays for soft bracelets are made of a riser and a semi-cylinder display on which you can place the fastened bracelet. It is ideal for dainty or charm bracelets, whereas it is not recommended for multi-strand or cuff bracelets.

Here you have all the options to display a fastened, soft bracelet. Now let’s take a look at some options for bracelets laying out flat

espositori gioielli
jewelry display

Horizontal displays

Horizontal displays hold only one bracelet at the time and they are ideal to highlight the collection’s top item or an “important” bracelet in any case.

The riser can be covered or lacquered, whereas the inside, where the bracelet is laid, can be lined with soft microfiber or elegant velvet, available in more than 400 colors.

Displays with tilted riser

The displays with tilted riser can be flat, with a linear and geometrical design, or curved, with soft and sinuous shapes.

They can be individual to showcase the bracelet collection’s top item or larger to display different models of the same collection at the same time. These jewelry displays are extremely elegant and refined.

jewelry display

Rigid bracelets

jewelry display

Rigid bracelets or bangles can be plain, with charms, dainty or thick, just like the manchette bracelet model.

There are different kinds of display that suit rigid bracelets: we mainly use cylinder displays and pillow pads, which we already mentioned when we talked about soft bracelets.

If you go for the cylinder display, it would be best to pick the model with the riser. If you prefer the pillow pad instead, make sure to adapt the size of the pillow pad to the jewel which will be displayed. The pillow pad should look neither too small nor too big compared to the jewel.

All options for a tailored display

Customization is our trademark at SDJ Packing. We aim at creating display stands that can enhance the jewels and the brand identity in the best possible way.

Our clients can count on 100% custom-made display stands with lines, colors and materials which were specifically conceived for their individual collections. Our design department will accompany the client every step of the way, until the perfect display stand finally comes to life.

Choosing the most suitable jewelry display is not easy at all. It requires care, taste, experience and a full and in-depth knowledge of the values of the collection and of the brand. Only by doing so can one make display stands which are able to reflect their unique style.

jewelry display