Comparing rigid, purse and soft jewelry rolls

Comparing rigid, purse and soft jewelry rolls

Our jewelry rolls are beautiful, practical and functional display stands. We design rigid, purse and soft jewelry rolls, offering the highest degree of customization.

All our jewelry rolls have their own specific assets. It is up to our clients to choose the jewelry roll that best fits their display needs, keeping in mind important factors such as practicality, ease of transportation and available space.

Rigid jewelry rolls, the geometrical and rational solution

Rigid jewelry rolls are the ideal solution to display rings, watches and bracelets. They come with a rigid case which keeps the collection tidy and safe. Once they are closed, they take up very little space and they are easily stackable.

Jewelry rolls for rings come with tabs and are available in different sizes depending on the number of rings that need to be displayed, ranging from a minimum of 14 rings to a maximum of 42 rings. The more the rings, the wider the rolls and the closer the tabs are to each other.

Jewelry rolls for bracelets have both slots, which are ideal for soft models and watches, and cylinder inserts which are perfect for bracelets with charms. Their case can be rigid or soft with a zipper with rigid cylinder inserts inside.

Jewelry rolls

Purse rolls, practical and versatile

Jewelry rolls

Purse rolls are as practical as can be. These jewelry rolls were designed to meet the needs of representatives for handy display stands during trade shows; they are, as a matter of fact, extremely compact and functional, not cumbersome at all, very versatile and easy to carry. 

They can hold removable pads of any kind to showcase jewels in an efficient and elegant way during the sale.

Another advantage is the fact that they can also hold pads which were originally designed for jewelry trays. It is, therefore, possible to pick a sample case for trade shows without having to design new display stands.

Soft rolls for an impressive display

Soft rolls are the most common option to hold and display jewels. They can be unrolled under the gaze of clients, unveiling their precious content and making for an unparalleled visual impact.

Soft rolls can hold only one set of jewels at the time and their internal layout is designed according to the kind of jewels they are supposed to contain. They can come with squares, cylinder inserts, earring straps, hooks, elastic bands, strings, slots or rings.

They suit big collections or stock pieces and are ideal for trade shows, since they are very compact and can hold in very little room the same content as several stacked jewelry trays. Moreover, they can be designed with a transparent label that allows classifying and immediately identifying different collections, which represents a great way to stock jewels inside a store.

Jewelry rolls

Mixed rolls, tailored display

Jewelry rolls

Mixed rolls belong to the soft rolls category but, as the name actually suggests, they allow displaying several kinds of jewels at the same time. They ideally suit changing sample cases and trunk shows, when jewels are carefully selected and the presentation must be highly targeted.

Their internal layout is fully customizable and it is possible to choose among dozens of different solutions designed for necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and charms. The closure of all jewelry rolls is also customizable, choosing among Velcro closures, snap fasteners or straps.

There isn’t anything standard or predetermined in these display stands. Everything is designed according to the client’s needs, size included. The length of jewelry rolls can go from minimum 25cm, ideal for smaller collections, to 70cm for bigger and varied collections.

The internal layout of jewelry rolls

As mentioned, rigid rolls can hold rings, bracelets or watches and can come with tabs, cylinder inserts or slots. They can’t hold mixed collections, but rather one set of jewels at the time.

On the contrary, purse rolls can hold any kind of jewels, either one set or mixed collections, depending on how the removable pads that they come with are arranged.

Jewelry rolls
Jewelry rolls

Soft rolls can hold only one set of jewels at the time, while mixed rolls can be used for different displays and are ideal for mixed collections made of carefully selected pieces.

We have repeated the internal layout features of the different kinds of jewelry rolls to highlight how flexible and fully versatile these display stands truly are. They may have a different structure but they certainly share the same quality and elegance.

Materials, a 100% custom selection

We have already talked about the size of jewelry rolls and the possibility to design their internal layout from scratch. Now materials deserve our attention, too, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Customers can choose among leatherette, microfiber and velvet for the interior and exterior of their displays, depending on the image they wish to convey. We recommend microfiber for the inside, since it allows keeping jewels always clean and shiny, also preventing them from getting scratched over time. For the outside we recommend leatherette, since it is easy to keep it clean and it is scratch proof and wear resistant.

Jewelry rolls
Jewelry rolls

To conclude, jewelry rolls are extremely important display stands for both jewelry stores and representatives during trade shows. Different kinds of jewelry rolls suit different situations, depending on specific needs. One feature never changes, though: the highest quality that makes our products stand out, and that stems from careful design and production complying with the highest quality standards.