Customize your display with Frame and I-Light trays

Customize your display with Frame and I-Light trays

Having high-quality display stands is a must to display a jewelry collection. Jewels should be the focus of attention, but only first-class quality display stands are able to draw attention to them.

The first step when designing a display is studying the jewels. Jewelry trays must always be designed according to the jewelry collection they’re supposed to hold.

Frame and I-Light trays, which are extremely versatile and elegant, are among the top sellers. As we will see, they mainly differ in terms of display structure.

SDJ Packing’s trademarks, such as attention to detail during the design phase, customization options and prime-quality manufacturing, remain unchanged in every model, though.

Frame trays, the perfect frame for a jewel

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Let’s start by describing Frame trays which are actual frames perfectly highlighting the beauty of jewels. They are designed to be displayed in a jewelry store, where the viewers’ attention is grabbed by elegant shapes, design, sophisticated materials and the perfect color combinations.

Frame trays hold and enhance jewels, aiming to achieve the best aesthetic result. They are strong and sturdy display stands which are also practical and functional and can suit several collections.

I-Light trays, practical and lightweight

As mentioned, when we talked about displaying jewels with I-Light trays, the I-Light trays’ main asset is their extreme lightweight, combined with impactful aesthetics.

These trays, which are extremely easy to handle, are ideal for trade fairs, since they are very easy to carry around. Moreover, they are very lightweight, which implies saving on shipping costs.

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Customization, our signature feature

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Building tailormade jewelry trays that suit specific needs allows the brand to communicate the identity of a given collection in the best possible way.

Both Frame and I-Light trays can be fully customized in terms of size, colors (there are more than 100 available colors), materials (which can be different for the inside and outside) and logo print.

How do you arrange the layout of trays?

However, the main feature of these display stands is their extreme versatility. The inner layout can be arranged in many different ways, combining pads, removable pads and fixed slots.

This obviously requires a careful planning during the design phase, which must also take into account potential future uses. As a matter of fact, in order to make a functional, well-arranged and reusable interior, it is paramount to know every piece of the current collection, as well as to forecast future collections, so as to make as few changes as possible in the future.

It would be, therefore, ideal to buy more interchangeable pads as well as more pads of different kinds than necessary, in order to ensure the highest flexibility when a new collection is about to be launched.

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To each jewel its pad

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Just like we said, the inner disposition of trays depends entirely on the jewel to be displayed. Trays are designed to suit a new collection, but they often take into account potential future needs, too.

It all starts with an analysis of jewels with the purpose of creating an elegant, efficient and well-balanced display. Each jewel must perfectly suit its display stand. Let’s see how we do that.


Loop earrings and stab earrings with post backs need different kinds of pad: pads with flaps suit the former, while pierced pads suit the latter.

When designing the interior layout, the first thing to know is how many of these kinds of earrings there are in the collection. Then we design specific pads for loop earrings and specific pads for earrings with post backs, always considering potential future needs, too.

Another good option is customizing pads so that they can suit both models. By doing so, you won’t need to change the interior disposition of your display when a new collection launches.

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In the case of rings, you can choose between rows, tabs and slots with slits, depending on their weight. Rows and tabs are mainly recommended for diamond rings and wedding rings, while a slot with a middle slit suits a valuable ring with a precious stone, which is probably quite heavy.

In this case it is once again possible to customize the interior arrangement, thus creating a complete pad with slots and tabs that makes for a tailored display.

Necklaces and bracelets

Pads with slots are ideal for dainty chains and tennis bracelets, while a raised pad is more suitable for expensive necklaces with precious stones.

If a collection includes three precious necklaces, it is, for instance, possible to design a pad with three risers placed one next to another, so as to enhance the features of each necklace while optimizing space, instead of having to design individual trays for each necklace.

Just like we said, properly arranging the inner layout of jewelry trays requires a careful analysis of the collection.

All SDJ Packing’s designs stem from clients’ needs; over time we have perfected our display stands to make them even more efficient and functional.

However, it is sometimes better to design a jewelry tray from scratch, combining the lightweight of I-Light trays and the sturdiness of Frame trays with fully tailored sizes and pads to suit the specific display needs of each company.

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