Designing window displays: this is how we do it at SDJ Packing

how we do Designing window displays

Among all jewelry displays, the window display is without any doubt the most difficult one to design, but it is also the display with the highest visual impact.

A perfectly designed window display, whether it be a countertop jewelry display case or a storefront window display, is like a set design that makes jewels shine bright.

It provides the perfect opportunity to promote a collection, but it should also be handled carefully. If the window display is not suitably designed and the jewels are not perfectly arranged, we might not properly enhance each individual piece of the collection on display, thus potentially losing important clients. Let’s see what designing a window display entails.

Jewelry window displays– displaying jewels is art!

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Each window display can be set up in endless ways. That’s why we have researched and designed our standard accessories in such a way as to show the full potential of each jewel. There are, however, specific rules which apply to the window dressing sector as a whole and not only to jewelry stores.

Taller items should be placed in the back; eye level is prime placement; display stands should not take up the whole visual field; lighting should be direct but not too bright; color plays a fundamental role.

As far as the jewelry arrangement is concerned, you must take into account not only the size of jewels, but also their relative weight and commercial importance.

Obviously, a ring should be placed closer to the viewer than a pendant necklace, which could end up overshadowing the ring; however, if the collection includes a key product, such as a top-of-the-line bracelet, we recommend placing this key product at the forefront, while the rest of the collection is placed behind it.

A properly designed window display should also look beautiful when empty. What makes a window display truly unique is the balance between all jewelry displays, as well as the combination of lines and different materials.

Besides being beautiful, a window display should also suit the collection. Sinuous or straight lines, bright or dark colors, flashy or pastel colors, different kinds of materials, from soft microfiber to steel edges – every element must reflect and interpret the brand and the collection’s styles.

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How do you design the perfect window display?

A window display includes several elements: 

  • A base
  • The display stands needed to showcase the jewels
  • The background or window sign (not applicable to countertop jewelry display cases)

All of these elements should be placed in such a way as to create a simple, readable, harmonious and pleasant composition.

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We at SDJ Packing put all our experience and skills to use when designing our window displays, not only as manufacturers, but also as consultants.

Designing a window display isn’t as easy as it may seem and getting it wrong means missing out on a valuable opportunity to promote the brand.

If our clients already know what they want, we follow their lead. If, however, they seem doubtful, we are ready to support them and advise them with the aim of creating absolutely unique and appealing display stands.

Designing a window display is a team effort

Designing the perfect window display requires some teamwork, both in-house between different departments and with the customer. Communication must be straightforward, open and productive. We all share the same purpose: creating the ideal display stand to enhance the brand’s collection.

Tailormade projects and customization

We at SDJ Packing are always ready to adapt our standard models to the clients’ needs or to provide our clients with consulting services regarding the brand’s image.

Our jewelry display options can serve as a basis for customized and tailormade solutions. Our standard models can be customized in terms of size, materials and tilt angle, in order to create something truly unique.

Everything starts with the first briefing with the client, which allows us to understand the client’s real needs. Based on the information obtained, we draft a rough sketch and we discuss it internally.

Then, we move on to the actual 3D design, taking into account the client’s budget as well as the client’s end target.

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Espositori gioielli

We create real-context renders with real measurements and we often include some references to the stores; then, we listen to customer feedback.

The meeting allows us to take stock of the situation prior to moving on to the operational phase, and to implement any potential changes requested by the customer.

Once the finalized project has been approved, we start making the sample or the 3D print, which is the perfect technique allowing us to obtain a prototype within a short delay. If the prototype meets the client’s expectations, we are ready to start the actual production process.

When we are working with loyal customers who already know how we work and how much attention we pay to our products, we often go straight from the render to production.

SDJ Packing, 100% made-in-Italy, high-quality design

We pour our fully Italian, creative soul into our jewelry displays. We take inspiration from all fields dealing with aesthetics, from fashion to interior design.

We aim at creating the perfect window display which can enhance the collection and drive sales. In order to do so, we must know the collection and brand thoroughly and the only way to do it is by listening to the client – this is the true focal point of SDJ Packing’s design process.

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