Discovering a prestigious material: leatherette

Discovering leatherette

The development of jewelry display stands requires high creativity and experience, while their manufacturing requires a highly specialized production line.

That being said, the final product will never meet your expectations, if materials are not up to the task. Customers spend money on products that must last over time and expect, as a result, sturdy and long-lasting display stands. And that is possible only if prime-quality materials are used.

We at SDJ Packing are well aware of it: we personally select fabrics and hides to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes from buying a valuable good. Out of all the materials that we use for our designs, one surely stands out, i.e., leatherette.

Leatherette in 5 bullet points

Leatherette is a sophisticated material with an amazing look and unrivaled sturdiness. It is one of the best materials to make display stands, especially jewelry rolls.

Wear and scratch resistant

Leatherette is an extremely sturdy material that does not change over time. Moreover, it is water resistant and it withstands moisture. Using a material that remains just as beautiful as on day one is essential for high jewelry.

No maintenance required

Leather is not only more expensive, but it also stains easily and exposure to sunlight alters it over time. On the contrary, leatherette doesn’t require high maintenance or special care. It is even sturdier than other materials, such as satin or velvet.

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Endless texture and color combinations

We design dozens of different kinds of leatherette, especially for jewelry rolls. The texture can feel soft and velvety or even coarse and uneven. We can either recreate the feel of real leather with textured, embossed designs or create a perfectly smooth surface.

A vegan, cruelty-free material

Leatherette is not an animal product. The same cannot be said about eco-leather for instance, which is actually real leather that has been tanned employing different techniques. This is another perk of leatherette which is also cruelty free.

Highest versatility

Our sample case holds hundreds of different colors and textures and much more. We also offer elastic leatherette for boxes and display stands and rigid leatherette for jewelry trays or jewelry rolls. As a matter of fact, jewelry rolls are often moved and opened and as such, they require a thicker material that is highly resistant to wear and scratches.

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How do we choose the perfect leatherette for our designs?

While researching materials, we aim at finding the highest quality. We personally visit our suppliers to be able to touch the materials needed for our designs and after choosing the samples, we test the leatherette inhouse by performing leak and wear tests.

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Constantly updated colors and trends

Once we have picked the material, we create sample cases to show our clients. Choosing colors is a fundamental step which must also be in line with seasonal trends and the latest fashion trends.

The colors in our sample case are constantly updated in order to keep our image fresh and young. This is especially important for trade shows, when we introduce the brand by showing a limited selection of our offer.

By doing so, we also show how we use our leatherette and how it looks on the finished product. Our clients already know what kind of quality they can expect from us.

Leatherette & high jewelry

Leatherette is an exceptional material that can be used on all jewelry stands for jewelry stores. However, it realizes its full potential when it is used to make jewelry rolls.

Leatherette jewelry rolls

Jewelry rolls are a great example of how we use leatherette. They are very visually impactful, but in this case, the tactile experience is also very important: a different texture is an appreciated feature of these display stands.

The same thing can be said about colors which are essential to catch the eye of viewers. Colors are especially important in the case of jewelry rolls, more so than any other display stands.

And in jewelry rolls the quality of materials is fundamental, too. For instance, display stands and even jewelry trays, even though they are often moved, are not subjected to the same level of wear and tear as jewelry rolls.

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As a matter of fact, jewelry rolls are often touched, they are opened and closed again and again and they are shown during trade shows, especially purse rolls. The fact that our jewelry rolls still look beautiful after a long time goes to show that the leatherette that we use to make them is of prime quality.