Display trays, the perfect balance between functionality and elegance

Display trays functionality and elegance

The display jewelry trays hold the jewels, while enhancing their features and finishes in the best possible way. Display trays have a sophisticated and refined design. Their signature feature is their closure: they open up like a treasure chest which makes them very impressive and turns them into actual display tools.

They are useful to showcase a collection or a set of jewels both on the counter and in the window display.

From display tray to window display

Display trays are extremely versatile, hybrid display stands, combining the function of simple trays with the function of actual displays.

The balance between functionality and aesthetics has achieved perfection here. As a matter of fact, these trays can meet all needs of a jewelry store and, at the same time, they can lend the point of sale a touch of style and elegance.

But there is more. Apart from acting as display trays on the counter or as window displays, display trays can also be closed and be used to hold jewels in a safe or inside a vault.

jewelry tray
jewelry tray

Their main function is still all about displaying, but we all know that owning multifunctional items in a jewelry store means not having to spend a big sum of money to purchase specific stands with a specialized function.

Given the peculiarity of these jewelry trays and their unique silhouette, combining the features of traditional display trays and jewelry displays, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some clients use them during trade fairs, too.

It is an interesting, and quite uncommon, choice which, however, is sure to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Display trays, highlighting a collection with top versatility

Display trays are ideal to launch new lines or they can be kits that you give to the clients in order to showcase a collection within a jewelry store.

Display trays offer the most dynamic and flexible interior arrangement which is tailor made for each individual case.

Depending on the interior layout, jewels of the same kind (i.e., only earrings, rings or bracelets) or a mixed collection can be displayed, by putting together necklace pads, cylinder inserts for rings, flaps for earrings, pillow pads for bracelets.

The only rule is that there are no fixed rules or pre-set modules. Everything can be shaped depending on the client’s needs; the client chooses how to arrange the interior of the trays on an individual basis to better enhance the jewels.

They don’t come with removable pads, but rather with specifically designed small pads to guarantee a tailor-made display for each individual collection.

In order to display a set of rings, for instance, one can choose a removable small pad with stiff tabs or fixed squares for rings with stiff tabs for a more sophisticated look.

The squares with pillow pads are ideal to display bracelets and watches. Instead, squares with a flap and soft tab are ideal for pendant and diamond earrings.

In the case of a mixed display, different elements will come into play, depending on the kind of jewels. These trays can hold the combo necklace-earrings-rings or only necklace and earrings or just rings, earrings and bracelets.

jewelry tray
jewelry tray

Dynamicity and flexibility

Since there isn’t a pre-set layout, each individual tray is designed in a different way, taking into account the kind of jewels and their relevance.

Furthermore, a display tray is a dynamic item that can change over time to better suit upgraded display needs. As a matter of fact, the squares feature an internal grid that allows replacing pads and changing the interior layout.

By doing so, necklace pads can, for instance, be replaced by cylinders for rings or pads for earrings or bracelets. This guarantees a tailored display for each collection, even when the collection changes.


Jewelry trays are display stands which must necessarily be customized: only a tailored design is able to enhance the jewels.

It is possible to combine several materials for the inside and outside linings and choose the inside arrangement with a minimum order of 25 pieces.

Even the size can be customized. Among several options, the new model with double tray is a smart choice which allows showcasing even more jewels at the same time.

In short, display trays are versatile, dynamic and flexible stands which make for a tailored display for each collection and which can easily change to better suit any future collection.

These jewelry trays with their unmistakable silhouette similar to a treasure chest are ready to mesmerize viewers with elegant and refined displays in line with SDJ Packing’s pure style

jewelry tray