Dynamic pads: purse rolls, book folders and trays

Dynamic pads: purse rolls, book folders and trays

Pads are essential and irreplaceable displays to showcase jewels both in stores and during trade fairs

Their main feature is versatility. They can hold any jewel and they perfectly suit different kinds of presentation. They can be placed inside jewelry trays, to display a collection in a store, as well as in purse rolls or book folders.

Purse rolls, practical and compact

Pads represent the core of purse rolls. Since they were mainly designed for trips and trade fairs, they are extremely practical and easy to transport.

Beside the three standard sizes (17x24cm/6.7x9.4inch, 24x34cm/9.4x13.4inch and 24x42cm/9.4x16.5inch), any other size can be customized according to the client’s needs. They can hold all kinds of pads and they also give you the possibility to showcase a wide set of samples. There is a wide range of trendy colors to pick from and it is also possible to combine different materials and colors for the inside and outside linings, so as to create strong contrasts and appeal to the viewers during the sale.

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Book folders with pads with squares

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Book folders are especially handy, compact and easy to carry. They have either a magnetic closure or a closure with an elastic band and they can hold as many as 4 removable pads with squares.

There are many more sizes apart from the suggested ones (17x24cm/6.7x9.4inch and 24x34cm/9.4x13.4inch): each client can choose how to customize the size of book folders to better meet different needs. Thanks to the wide choice of colors and finishes, they are ideal to create a dynamic and elegant display.

Jewelry trays are still the most classic solution to display a collection. They are available in many models, colors and materials; they act as a frame to the jewelry display, protecting jewels and always perfectly arranging them.

Jewelry pads: sizes and features

Our pads are available in three standard sizes (17x24cm/6.7x9.4inch, 24x34cm/9.4x13.4inch and 24x42cm/9.4x16.5inch), but they can also be customized depending on the client’s needs. On the contrary, the pads’ height is always set at 1cm/0.4inch, so that you can stack as many pads as possible.

They can be added to purse rolls, Classic trays and plain I-Light and Frame trays, which were specifically conceived with the aim of creating a light and dynamic display.

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Pads with squares, playing our ace

Pads with squares, which are available in the three standard sizes and can be arranged in many different combinations, are the embodiment of versatility.

They can be inserted in trays, purse rolls and book folders. Actually, they are the only pads that can be used in book folders. Arranging the jewels in squares is not limiting, but it actually offers the opportunity to display jewels in a clear and efficient way.

Pads with squares are ideal to showcase any kind of jewel, depending on the layout of the pad itself. It’s rather logical: the smaller the slots are, the less cumbersome the jewel should be.

Pads with squares, except the biggest size, can be complemented with elastic bands to perfectly display soft and tennis bracelets. By doing so, the collection will be tidy and the jewel is enhanced in all its splendor.

Little pads, the ideal accessory

Little pads are also very helpful; they can be placed inside the pads with squares to make the display even more appealing, dynamic and varied.

They suit squares of different sizes, from the smallest ones (2.8x2.8cm/1.1x1.1inch) to the biggest ones (10x7cm/3.9x2.7inch). The keyword is once again versatility. You can display earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces on these pillow pads.

So far, we have talked about pads with squares, the most flexible solution to display jewels. Now let’s take a look at different kinds of pads which are also versatile, practical and elegant.

Pads for necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings

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Thanks to pads, you can display jewels in endless ways. For examples, necklaces can be displayed both in soft and rigid pads alike: the former have a protective purpose, the latter are more esthetically pleasing.

The best solutions for necklaces are pads with fixed strings, hooks or tabs. You can arrange the display differently, depending on the collection. Furthermore, you can display one or several necklaces at the same time, or a combination of necklace and bracelet, one set at the time or several parures at the same time.

Bracelets can be displayed in pads with elastic bands, hooks or fixed strings for stiff models. The amount of products on display depends on the kind of pads and on the identity of the collection.

Rings can be displayed in pads with stiff tabs or tabs with slits, while earrings can be displayed on straps with slits and holes.

Pads offer many different possibilities for each kind of jewel. Whether in a book folder, in a purse roll or inside a jewelry tray, pads are essential to arrange jewels and display them in the best possible way during the sale process.

Each individual pad must be, then, complemented with other pads in a harmonious way. The result is an almost endless range of possibilities to display the jewel collection, one more elegant and efficient than the next.

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