Earring stands, design meets functionality

Earring stands, design meets functionality

Earring stands are essential display stands for a jewelry store. Whether it be for a window display or for a counter display, it is always paramount to seek the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

We should also take into account how different earrings can be: stud earrings have completely different features than hoop earrings or chandelier earrings.

Display stands should enhance these specific features and, as we already said when we talked about how important versatility in jewelry displays is, only prime-quality display stands can be considered a long-term investment.

Displaying earrings in such a way as to drive sales is not as easy as it seems. Setting up a window display means creating the perfect harmony to enhance jewels both on their own, as unique objects, and as part of a wider collection.

If earrings, especially stud or huggie earrings, are placed next to other jewels, they might be overshadowed. That’s why it is paramount to choose the best display stand, taking into account different needs.

How to choose the most suitable display stand

The earring back type determines which kind of display stand is the most suitable for you: either an earring stand with a flap or a pierced earring stand.

The length of the earrings is an important factor, too, but it isn’t as important as the back type which is actually the main factor dictating the choice of display stands.

To each model its display stand

The role of a display stand is to highlight the jewel and that’s why it is fundamental to choose a display stand that does not overshadow the product.

As previously mentioned, the most suitable kind of display stand is chosen according to the earring back type.

Displays with flaps are ideal for hoop earrings with hinge backs, so that the back is visible, too, and the viewer immediately recognizes the earring type. Pierced earring stands are suitable for post back earrings.

Earring displays

All kinds of earring stand

Earring displays

Many kinds of display stands differ in terms of shape. Once you have chosen between an earring stand with a flap or a pierced earring stand, you can go on to select the best earring stand depending on the set up you wish to create.

L-shaped earring stands are made of two bars of different sizes shaped like an upside-down L. They come in different heights and they allow showcasing two or more pairs of earrings, depending on the length you pick. They have an elegant and modern design thanks to their clear-cut lines and squared shape.

T-bar earring displays are similar to the previous ones, but they don’t have staggered bars. They make for a symmetrical, less dynamic, more classic and cleaner display. They can be lacquered or covered in fabric and they rest on a base stand coming in different thicknesses, which can have squared or rounded lines depending on the collection style.

Bridge-shaped earring displays come in many different sizes – from the smallest ones, ideal for stud earrings, to the tallest ones, ideal for drop earrings or chandelier earrings. 

The number of earrings that can be displayed at the same time varies, too. We only recommend paying attention to the overall balance and harmony. If you go for a big earring stand which can hold several pairs of earrings at the same time, it would be best to choose less cumbersome jewels.

Earring tree stands are similar to L-shaped stands, but they only have one “trunk” and they may come with several “branches”, just like an actual tree. For this reason, the tallest versions are to be preferred, since their elongated lines perfectly enhance jewels.

Earring displays
Earring displays

V-shaped earring stands allow displaying one pair of earrings at the time and once again, it is important to properly balance out the jewel arrangement. These display stands are ideal for pendant or dangle earrings rather than stud earrings which would leave a lot of empty space below them.

Horizontal stands, which come both with a flap and in the pierced version, are the only stands which do not belong to the vertical display stand category. They may come in different shapes and design, but they are always the smallest earring stands

If they are placed in a window display, either slightly to the back or in the middle of other visually impactful elements, they might end up being overshadowed. That’s why we recommend placing them closer to the viewers than the other displays, so that they can immediately catch the attention.

Materials and colors, all options

Earring stands can be made of metal, like for instance T-bar displays and L-shaped stands, or they can be lacquered or covered with a wide range of materials and colors.

Everything can be customized, from size to covering, from colors to finishes. The logo can also be shown on the base stand of these displays, making them even more memorable.

Earring stands must enhance the jewels, while being actual design objects themselves. Our display stands are born out of ongoing research designed to find innovative shapes and lines, as well as the perfect balance between pure functionality and simple aesthetics.

Earring displays
Earring displays
Earring displays