How do you design a tailormade display?

How do you design a tailormade display

Jewelry displays are functional design pieces that aim at highlighting a jewelry collection.

Just like there aren’t two identical jewelry collections, there shouldn’t be similar-looking display stands either. We at SDJ Packing think that a tailormade project is the best way to convey the brand image in a consistent and efficient way.

Customizing isn’t the same as starting from scratch

jewelry display

All of our products can be customized. Materials, shapes, lines, colors, size: starting from the standard model, we can customize everything according to the client’s specific needs.

But what happens when a client is looking for a truly unique, never-seen-before display stand? How can we meet the need of a completely new display stand?

If a brand wishes to go for a new, unique image, we at SDJ Packing can design something tailored to its needs, starting from a concept. In this case, it isn’t about changing or adjusting a standard model, but rather about designing something from the ground up.

A shared process

In order to design a display stand that fully reflects the brand identity, we should, first of all, know all about the brand, the collection, its story, values and commercial proposal.

Only the client can tell us exactly what message they want to convey. Designing a display stand from scratch is a process that we undergo together, step by step, putting our creativity at the service of the client’s needs.

First steps: from briefing to brainstorming

Everything starts from the briefing with the client. This first meeting helps us understand how many and which pieces will be displayed and the client’s request.

We have to know the collection back to front: how many pieces will it include, how many necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and watches will there be? Are there any key products that should be enhanced in a specific way?

Moreover, it is essential for us to know where the jewelry displays will be placed and how the stores are decorated, especially in the case of single-brand stores.

jewelry display
jewelry display

The design process will differ depending on the possible placement of the displays: will they be placed in a display case on the counter or in a niche on the wall at eye level? The same can be said for the store’s style: the project will look completely different depending on whether the store has pastel-colored walls or mirrored surfaces, for example.

After having gathered all necessary information, it’s time for some brainstorming. The creative department looks for images, shapes and compositions. Sales representatives lend a helping hand along the process, making sure that we operate within the budget set by the client.

From the concept to the render

After the brainstorming phase, we move on to drafting the proposal. Our design team gathers all the ideas and comes up with concepts, i.e., handmade sketches that will gradually shape into the end project. 

It is a long process: finding the right shapes and lines, the ideal balance and the perfect style takes time and some adjusting along the way. Possibilities are endless and only by finding the key element binding everything together can one create something that is truly innovative and effective.

It’s time to do the render. We take all measurements concerning width, height and slope angles and we fix anything that needs fixing.

Once we manage to reach the final idea, we add colors and materials. If the client has already chosen, we comply with their request, otherwise we select the best hues and textures depending on the collection identity and the store’s exhibition space.

jewelry display
jewelry display

From the presentation to the prototype

We work on the proposal and create a customized presentation. We design and render a project overview and add all features, details, finishes, accessories and materials.

By doing so, we provide the client with an overview of their window display. Based on the client’s feedback, we see how we can improve the project, meeting all the client’s requests.

Once the client has approved the project, we move on to prototyping. There are two alternatives: we either print it in 3D or we make an actual prototype.

In the former case, the process takes place inside our creative department in Italy and only takes a few days, but it doesn’t show the real colors, materials and coverings. In the latter case, we make the prototype in our headquarter in China. Delays are obviously longer due to manufacture and shipping of the prototype, but the result looks exactly like the end product and comes with the selected materials and colors.

Nanan, creating a fully innovative display

The perfect example of how we can create a display starting from zero is the display we have designed for Nanan, a brand of baby products.

This brand requested a display for kids watches, which had to be consistent with the brand’s mood, as well as its story and style. Keeping this in mind and considering the relevant market sector that the brand is positioned in, we came up with the idea of a carousel.

The display we created immediately recalls childhood; neutral colors and soft lines make for a minimal but evocative style that perfectly matches the baby brand Nanan.

jewelry display
jewelry display

Customization allows enhancing each jewel and displays are like an extension of the collection’s style. Designing a jewelry display from scratch guarantees a truly unique and consistent display.

Designing and making jewelry displays from scratch, taking care of every step from display placement to packaging, is our pride and joy and it is a pillar of our company and our working method.