How important is versatility in jewelry displays?

How important is versatility in jewelry displays

Jewelry displays are not all the same. Some are better suited to display jewels in jewelry stores in a rather functional way, while others grab the viewer’s attention with eye-catching colors or shapes.

Others again manage to enhance and showcase jewels by perfectly framing them. Displays change according to the jewels; they act as pedestals enhancing the jewel beauty but, at the same time, they are design objects, too, and as such they should be conceived with the greatest attention to detail.

Creating this ideal balance between the jewels and jewelry displays is paramount to promote the image of the brand or jewelry store.

Jewelry displays: (so much) more than appearance

Jewelry displays must feature the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, or the end result will not live up to expectations.

If too much attention is paid to aesthetics, the display will probably overshadow the jewels. If, on the contrary, functionality is overpowering, the display will end up looking too simple and basic.

That being said, there is another essential feature that must be taken into account when designing jewelry displays: versatility. That is to say, how important is it for a jewelry store to own adaptable and reusable stands? What are the advantages of owning jewelry displays that can showcase more than one collection over time?

From a financial standpoint, the answer is quite straightforward. Versatile jewelry displays are the most convenient option, especially in case of a quick rotation of collections on display. This means not being bound to only one trendy color, however beautiful it may be, but rather investing in a product that lasts over time.


What does versatility truly mean?

How can a jewelry display truly be versatile? Let’s start with colors. Although an original display might look appealing at first, some color hues are objectively speaking more difficult to combine. Choosing something rather classic and opting for neutral and elegant colors is probably the best choice.

Secondly, design. Even though some collections pair better with unique displays, which are actually designed to perfectly match their stylistic hallmark, if we want truly versatile jewelry displays, it would be best to avoid excessively sharp lines, flashy colors or particular shapes.

These are features which, of course, can ideally enhance special collections, but if we are looking for long-lasting jewelry displays for our shop, this is not what we are looking for.

Furthermore, when choosing a jewelry display, the range of jewels to display should be taken into account, too. For instance, stiff bracelets and bracelets with charms have different features and needs; the same can be said for stud earrings and pendant earrings, or collar necklaces and long, Chanel-inspired necklaces.

As a matter of fact, versatile does not equal multi-purpose. That’s why when you’re choosing a versatile jewelry display, you should still be taking your assortment range into consideration and choose different kinds of jewelry displays accordingly.

Apart from these features, there is another characteristic that should never be underestimated: quality.

Quality is our trademark


A versatile jewelry display is a beautiful, practical, functional and long-lasting stand. However, for a display to have all these features, it first needs to be perfectly crafted. Manufacturing quality has obviously an impact on the product's durability.

It doesn’t make sense to purchase versatile and reusable jewelry displays, if they are not manufactured with the greatest care. Investing in high quality is always the smartest choice.

This also implies double the advantage. Properly manufactured goods are durable and long lasting and do not need to be replaced frequently. At the same time, since they are high quality, they also guarantee an optimal jewel display.

Whether it be jewelry displays for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings or for actual shop windows, all SDJ Packing’s jewelry displays are designed in compliance with the highest quality standards. From designing, through choosing materials, to prototyping – the greatest care and attention is devoted to all our projects.

Elegant jewelry displays for a timeless look

What should the ideal jewelry display be like? First of all, aesthetics and functionality are essential features which, however, should not be regarded as separate characteristics, but should instead be perfectly balanced.

Quality is a fundamental pillar and it should absolutely be all-pervasive. Only by assuring the highest quality in the design, the raw materials and the development can we obtain truly valuable, beautiful and long-lasting jewelry displays

Versatility is an added value that makes the difference. A versatile jewelry display is undoubtedly an elegant, fine and refined stand.

As a matter of fact, in order to showcase different collections, a jewelry display should be linear and sophisticated at the same time; it should avoid catchy lines or colors, but it should have its own “personality” that can enhance several kinds of jewels, even if they differ a lot from one another.