How much does the quality of materials matter when displaying jewels?

Le nostre box per gioielli a confronto

Jewelry trays are essential display stands in a jewelry store. They are made of an external shell and internal pads that are specifically conceived to hold different kinds of jewels.

We at SDJ Packing design different kinds of trays and all our solutions can be customized in terms of size, colors, outside covering and lining, in order to better represent the collection.

The attention we pay to materials is a must in our job. We personally select the best fabrics and we perform inhouse leak and wear and tear tests in order to provide our clients with display stands that are not only beautiful and elegant, but also sturdy, long lasting and of prime quality.

Jewelry trays: protected and enhanced jewels

Jewelry trays hold, protect and keep a collection tidy, creating a perfect frame all around it. The main purpose is making the collection as charming as possible, thus driving sales.

Each jewelry tray is designed according to the jewels, but there are some fixed features we always comply with when designing them. The first one is without any doubt the selection of prime-quality materials.

Unlike display stands, display trays do not hold a fixed position in a window display, but they are passed from hand to hand several times. It is, therefore, absolutely fundamental to choose materials that are resistant to impact, scratching, and wear.

jewelry tray
jewelry tray

Which materials?

We already talked about leatherette, an extremely versatile material that does not require a specific care. We use a particular thin, soft and elastic leatherette to cover even the smallest parts of our display stands and jewelry boxes, while we use a thicker and more rigid material for jewelry rolls and jewelry trays, so that the display stand is more long lasting and resistant.

However, leatherette is not the only option. Velvet, to which we dedicated an interesting entry, is also ideal to cover the outside of jewelry trays. Velvet with short fibers is especially requested, mainly in bright and saturated colors, since this combination creates an impactful visual effect.

The choice of material depends on the collection style and brand identity. According to these elements, we can either opt for a modern taste or a classic style, for trendy collections or for timeless jewels.

On the contrary, the structure of jewelry trays changes depending on the application use and specific display needs.

jewelry tray

I-Light trays

I-Light trays are lightweight and easy to handle, as well as being extremely elegant and refined and suitable for trade fairs. Moreover, their light weight allows sparing money for shipping costs. However, due to the light material, these trays are more subject to wear over time.

I-Light trays that are fitted with a finishing, internal frame can also hold interchangeable pads or removable pads for rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

jewelry tray

Frame trays

jewelry tray

Frame trays, heavier and sturdier than I-Light trays, are designed for in-store display and stocking and they are made to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. They are conceived to attract viewers and have highly refined finishings, as well as a raised outside frame enveloping the collection and enhancing its beauty.

Like the previous trays, they are fully customizable in terms of size, colors, materials and logo print.

Classic trays

Classic trays have a minimal design with no inside frame. They are the most classic solution to display a collection; they hold any kind of pad and are easy to stack.

They can hold several stacked pads to fit different kinds of jewels and allow displaying a whole collection. The quantity of internal pads determines the height of the display tray.

jewelry tray

Display trays

jewelry tray

These display trays, which are ideal both as counter displays and as window display thanks to their impressive hinged-lid opening and their sophisticated and refined design, are ideal tools to promote any kind of jewel. Velvet is highly requested as outside covering material, since it is the fabric that best suits extremely luxurious and prestigious projects.

The inside layout is tailormade, for each individual case. These display trays can hold jewels of the same kind, as well as a mixed collection, since we don’t use removable pads in this case, but rather customized pads.

Pads, the core of the display

So far, we have talked about the materials for the outside covering; now let’s take a look at all the options for the interior pads. In this case, the purpose of covering isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, but it is also about protecting jewels from scratches and scraping.

Microfiber is ideal for pads, since it protects jewels and it also prevents dust from settling in, but soft leatherette combined with foam is also highly performing, especially for pads for bracelets or chain necklaces and pads with hooks and pads for charms.

As an alternative, we can also make velvet-covered pads, but it is an option that needs to be carefully weighted. One thing is sure, the effect will be of pure luxury.

Jewelry trays hold, display and enhance a collection. When designing them, we have to consider several factors – from pad size to pad kind, from inside and outside covering to colors.

Each tray is designed after a careful analysis of the jewels it will hold and each project is tailormade. One thing that never changes is the attention we pay to the choice of materials, though. Our objective is to combine elegance and functionality to make sophisticated, long-lasting and sturdy display stands.

jewelry tray