How to choose the best display depending on their placement

Come scegliere la tipologia di espositore in base alla posizione nel negozio

Properly displaying jewels affects the purchasing decision of customers in a positive way. It is, therefore, essential to choose the right jewelry display that can best enhance the collection, when we fit out a jewelry store.

In order to do so, we need to keep in mind the kind of store we are dealing with, whether it is a multi-brand or a mono-brand store, and how jewels are going to be placed within the store itself.

Displays in multi-brand stores

If the store showcasing our collection sells different brands other than ours, it is essential to choose a kind of display that makes us stand out from the others.

We have talked at length about how important it is to make the brand recognizable for marketing purposes and this case is no exception, since it is paramount for our brand to be recognized by the customers straight away.

Let’s take a look at how we can choose the most suitable display for multi-brand stores, always keeping in mind where our collection is going to be placed within the store.

Espositori a confronto in base a collocazione in negozio
Espositori per vetrine esterne

Exterior window displays to catch the attention

Exterior window displays of jewelry stores are like magnets. They should catch the customer’s attention even from far away and retain it as long as possible.

That’s why displays with photographic backdrops are used, such as window signs. Images catch the customer’s eye straight away, and that creates a mental association with the brand, also thanks to the presence of the brand logo on all displays. By doing so, one can create a very impactful display that best represents the brand identity.

Wall shelves or interior window displays: displays with customized backdrops

Inside the store there are either wall shelves or interior window displays. Our display is, therefore, placed in narrow and well-defined areas. The display must be designed very carefully, so as to take up all available space.

In both cases, our brand should be immediately recognizable; that’s why we recommend opting for displays with customized backdrops, besides the photographic backgrounds.

Ripiani a muro
Espositori a confronto in base a collocazione in negozio

Customized backdrops allow enriching the display, making it very distinctive. We at SDJ Packing suggest many new display trends, such as combination of different colors, overlaying textures or metal edges among others.

In any case, it is paramount to design a customized display, in order to use the display area in the most efficient way. Since it is a rather small and compact display, it is essential that all elements of the window displays be arranged in such a way as to take up all available space and enhance the brand and the collection identities.

Countertop displays: an American-style display

This type of theatrical display comes from America and is much more than a simple display with fixed base. What is its main feature? It gives clients a full immersion in the jewelry world.

Countertop displays are mainly horizontal and that’s why backdrops, which are usually vertical, aren’t used as much here. Necklace bust displays and slightly tilted display stands allow enhancing jewels, creating a setting that has no boundary.

Espositori da banco
Espositori da banco

Choosing this type of display in Europe makes the brand stand out already, since this is a trend that is spreading little by little in Europe and that is not commonly adopted, yet.

However, it is still important to choose the right colors and materials, which must enhance the signature features of the brand, and place the logo on all display stands.

Displays in mono-brand stores

What if the stores showcasing our collections are mono-brand stores? In that case, display sets are the most suitable option.

A customer entering this store is already interested in our brand’s jewels. In this case, it is important to highlight the collections, by choosing the best display for each kind of jewel and by abiding by the right display rules.

Moreover, it is important to create dynamic and diverse points of interest to catch the customer’s attention, creating movement with color effects and using different kinds of materials for the display stands.

Espositori in negozi monomarca
Espositori a confronto in base a collocazione in negozio

Choosing the right kind of jewelry display is paramount to drive sales. Let’s not forget that the most suitable display stand is the one that helps enhancing the brand and the collection, by communicating its unique identity.

However, it isn’t always easy to choose the right display: we need to take into account the customer’s full experience, as well as the specific placement of the display within the store and the potential.