How to design a perfect Classic tray

How to design a perfect Classic tray

Jewelry trays are essential display stands to showcase a jewelry collection either in a jewelry store or during trade fairs or trade shows.

Classic trays, in particular, are the most common solution to display jewels.

They come in different heights and sizes, they can hold any kind of pads and they are easy to stack. They make for a practical and elegant, as well as fully customizable, jewel display.

So, let’s take a look at their features and how their design process takes form.

First factor to take into account: pads

The first factor to take into account when designing jewelry trays is their content, i.e., the collection to be displayed. Pads are chosen according to the variety and number of jewels

As mentioned, when we talked about dynamic pads, there are three standard sizes in terms of width and height, on top of all customization options. In order to choose the most suitable height for the pads, it is essential to keep in mind that they can be stacked inside the trays, which makes them very practical.

Customers should decide, first of all, how many pads they need to display jewels in the best possible way, as well as their size, and afterwards, they pick the most suitable tray that can hold them all.

The height of Classic trays varies depending on the number of pads one wishes to add. The three standard sizes (17x24, 24x34 or 24x42) can help us guide the customers. Taking them as a starting point, we can eventually identify a potential customized solution, according to the customers’ needs, and design a custom jewelry tray.

jewelry tray

Classic trays, inner layout

To sum up, clients should decide first of all which jewels they wish to display and choose the size and number of pads accordingly. Then, they should pick the Classic Tray with the right size and height

jewelry tray

Afterwards, they should decide how to arrange the display. How many pads do they need? How do they combine them with each other? There is only one rule: the inner layout must suit the jewelry collection.

The Classic trays can hold both pads and cylinder inserts for rigid bracelets and watches. Pads can be soft or rigid; they can come with squares, elastic bands, strings, tabs, hooks or straps with holes or slits.

Pads can also be customized to suit special collections. Apart from arranging pads in squares, slots or adding specific accessories for different jewels, it is also possible to design fully tailored pads with customizable compartments that can satisfy any organizational need.

Covering and colors

The last choice, in terms of time but not importance, is about the cover material and color. Jewelry trays are practical and functional display stands, but they are also much more than that. They also act as window displays to showcase jewels and they must, therefore, be beautiful and elegant.

jewelry tray

The outside cover materials are usually leatherette, microfiber or velvet. On the contrary, leatherette or microfiber is recommended to line the inside.

A very interesting option would be choosing different materials for the inside and outside. A sophisticated option would consist in choosing contrasting materials, such as leatherette, which is elegant and sturdy, on the outside and microfiber, which is soft and extremely gentle when touching the jewels, on the inside.

There are more than 200 colors to choose from. This is the last decision to be taken, but it is a very important one. Each hue conveys a different sensation: in order to properly enhance a collection, it is paramount to choose the right color, otherwise we will convey a message to the viewer, which is not consistent with the jewel.

Other kinds of trays

Apart from the Classic trays, which are still the perfect choice for jewelry stores, we have also conceived other kinds of jewelry trays with their own specific, distinctive features.

I-Light trays, lightweight and practical

I-Light trays, which come in customizable sizes and heights depending on different needs, have all the benefits of classic jewelry trays, but they are much more lightweight.

They are ideal for trade fairs, where ease of transportation, practicality and reduced shipping costs are essential.

jewelry tray
jewelry tray

Frame trays, luxury and design

Frame trays, which come in hundreds of colors, are designed for the luxury world. Their distinctive features are elegant shapes, sophisticated materials and perfect combination of different hues and textures.

They are designed to be displayed in a jewelry store rather than in trade fairs. Their main asset is their aesthetics which catches the attention and impresses customers when new collections are being displayed.

Display trays

Display trays are the perfect mix between jewelry trays and jewelry displays and are, hence, ideal both as counter displays and as window displays.

They are perfectly suited to launch new lines or collections. As a matter of fact, they don’t come with the usual pads, but with tailored pads that are custom made for each individual project.

jewelry tray

We have just seen how Classic trays come to be. A detailed planning and design, which takes into account different steps, is necessary to obtain the ideal result, i.e., creating the perfect display stand to showcase a specific collection.

jewelry tray
jewelry tray