How to display jewels with style and practicality

How to display jewels with style and practicality

Displaying a jewel is absolutely essential to close a sale and jewel rolls are perfect display stands to enhance bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.

The jewel is the one and only star; however, the display stand on which the jewel is shown also plays a fundamental role in making the client fall in love with the jewel and ultimately decide to purchase it.

Our soft rolls do so much more than just highlight jewels. They also serve as practical, beautiful, elegant and fully customizable cases that keep the jewels safe and perfectly arranged, thanks in part to the transparent label allowing you to catalog different collections.

Soft, rigid and mixed jewelry rolls

Jewelry rolls are the most practical solution to hold and display jewels. In order to meet the different needs of jewelry stores and representatives at trade fairs, we at SDJ Packing have designed soft, rigid or mixed jewelry rolls, as well as the super compact purse rolls.

Rigid jewelry rolls are ideal for whomever is looking for a geometric and rational arrangement. Once they are closed, they take up very little space and they are easily stackable.

On the contrary, soft jewelry rolls do not have straight edges, but they unroll under the client’s gaze, unveiling their precious content.

jewelry roll
jewelry roll

They can only hold one set of jewels at the time, or in the case of mixed jewelry rolls, they can hold whole collections, by displaying necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings one next to another.

As previously mentioned, when we talked about the internal layout of mixed rolls, these display stands can be custom designed for a fully tailored display; this is especially suitable in the case of varying set of samples or trunk shows.

Lastly, purse rolls are practical and compact and they can hold all kinds of pads. They are extremely handy and easy to carry; they are the ideal solution for trips and trade fairs.

The strengths of soft rolls

Unlike mixed and purse rolls, soft rolls allow displaying only one kind of jewel at the time.

Rigid rolls work the same way, but they are only designed for rings, watches and rigid bracelets. On the contrary, soft rolls are ideal to display bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, pendants, earrings or charms, due in part to the fact that they come with squares.

So many jewels in so little space

Soft jewelry rolls are ideal for trade fairs, since they are very compact. Taking up very little space, they can hold the same amount of jewels as several stacked display trays, while looking equally impressive.

jewelry roll
jewelry roll

A rational arrangement

As previously mentioned, soft jewelry rolls only hold one jewel kind. They can, therefore, be very useful to keep the jewels arranged in a very simple and user-friendly way.

Furthermore, the transparent label allows identifying the roll’s content, without even needing to open it. They represent a great way to stock jewels inside a store.

Internal layout of soft rolls

Soft rolls come in different sizes depending on the amount of jewels to be displayed. Moreover, their internal structure is designed according to the kind of jewels they hold.

The internal layout can come with a varying number of squares of different sizes – up to 96 – which can hold very different jewels, from rings to charms, from pendants to mono earrings.

In the case of necklaces, the inside can be completely plain or come with strings, slots or strings and slots together. For bracelets, the inside can also be plain, divided into slots, with rings or elastic bands.

For rings there are cylinder inserts, either fixed or with snap fasteners; for earrings there are earring straps. For pendants and charms, there are not only squares, but also hooks, while for watches with a soft wristband, the rolls come with elastic bands.

jewelry roll

Customization, our trademark

jewelry roll

Every feature of soft jewelry rolls can be customized: color, material, outer texture and size.

Colors and finishes are essential. All jewelry stores should be able to skillfully match jewels to rolls: the more classic collections are not going to be properly enhanced by a super trendy, bright-colored jewelry roll, but rather by a jewelry roll with elegant and classic hues. Likewise, pastel colors are ideal for a bridal or children’s collection.

As we highlighted when we talked about trend colors for jewelry rolls, colors are paramount since they each convey a specific message. The jewelry roll should match and enhance the style of the jewel it holds.

Moreover, it is possible to print the logo on all soft rolls. An interesting option would be to combine different materials for the inside and outside of the jewelry rolls; a commonly used combination is leatherette for the outside and microfiber for the inside.

Soft jewelry rolls are a practical, elegant and functional solution that makes for a very impressive display, as well as a rational and quick way to arrange a collection.

It goes without saying that, in order to boost sales and contribute to the company’s success, these display stands should be of prime quality, sturdy and long lasting, too. Just like SDJ Packing’s designs are.

jewelry roll
jewelry roll
jewelry roll