Jewelry boxes: how to choose between different models?

Jewelry boxes: how to choose between different models?

Jewelry boxes are the perfect frame for a precious gift. They showcase the brand and the jewel identity with their well-finished, stylish, elegant, and original packaging.

There are many types of jewelry boxes, since they come in different shapes, colors, size, covering and closure mechanism. The only “compulsory” choice is size. Each jewel must be matched with an appropriately sized jewelry box.

Apart from that, there are endless possibilities and choosing the most suitable option is essential to enhance the jewel in the best possible way.

Many closure mechanisms

The main difference between all models lies in the closure mechanism. Jewelry cases come in different models: jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes with drawers or hinged-lid boxes, push-button boxes or jewelry boxes with magnetic closure.

Let’s begin with the jewelry box. It is a classic and very practical model; it is linear, but visually impactful at the same time. The jewelry box safeguards and hides jewels and opening the lid and unveiling the content of the box will make for a unique experience for the gift receiver.

Jewelry boxes range from cardboard boxes lined with removable foam with slits to jewelry boxes covered in leatherette or velvet, with a plastic and wooden structure, in which you can add interior pads.

There is also a wide choice in terms of lids. The simplest lids are made of smooth paper, but the lids with contrasting shapes obviously have a different impact on viewers.

Jewelry boxes with drawers make for an interesting alternative. They have a customizable covering and contain a case with removable lining.

The tab on the side allows you to open the drawer and reveal its precious content. Once again, unveiling the gift is an emotion-filled moment, too.

Lastly, hinged-lid jewelry boxes. They are extremely elegant and refined; they can have a push-button closure or a magnetic closure. They are like precious treasure chests and are ideal to enhance any type of jewel, but they are surely the best choice for an engagement ring.

The exterior of the box is usually covered in leatherette that can be customized in terms of colors and finishes, just like the interior pads which are designed to enhance necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.

Jewelry boxes
Jewelry boxes
Jewelry boxes

Shapes and lines conveying feelings

Jewelry boxes come in different shapes and sizes depending on the jewel. Jewelry cases for rings and stud earrings are usually squared, while jewelry cases for necklaces or chain bracelets are longer and narrower.

Lines and design do not change according to the jewel kind. Soft and rounded shapes or clear-cut and strong shapes? Each collection should be highlighted in the best possible way, and there should be consistency between the jewel style and its case.

Jewelry boxes

Colors and linings of jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes

Colors should be picked carefully, too. Bright and neutral colors are ideal for bridal collections, pastel hues suit, for instance, christening jewelry, and then there are intense and deep shades.

Purple, forest green, crimson, cobalt blue, black: these colors take the stage and create the perfect frame to best enhance the jewel.

It is also very interesting to use contrasting colors on the interior and exterior of the box. A fuchsia lining in a hazelnut jewelry box, for instance, will certainly leave the viewer speechless.

What about materials? The outside covering greatly affects emotions, too. It isn’t just a matter of visual impact, but also of tactile experience.

Even with our eyes closed, a velvet jewelry box conveys a sense of luxury and warmth. Leatherette, microfiber or canvas convey unique feelings, too, and it is important to keep in mind what the final effect should be like, before selecting the finish.

Ribbons and bows for a perfect packaging

A satin bow communicates elegance and attention to detail. Moreover, it creates suspense prior to opening the packaging, thus filling that moment with emotions.

The ribbon, as well as the inside lining, can come in the same hue as the exterior or in contrasting colors, to create a special color effect and catch the viewers’ eye.

Jewelry boxes offer a wide range of charming possibilities to complement and perfect a precious gift. From a simple cardboard box to a treasure chest guarding the most beautiful gift – packaging options truly are endless.

It all depends on the kind of jewel and its identity which should always take center stage. One jewelry box isn’t better than the other; there is just the perfect jewelry box for every need.

Jewelry boxes