Jewelry boxes, trendy models defining 2022

Jewelry boxes, trendy models defining 2022

While display stands must enhance a jewelry collection and jewelry rolls and trays aim at displaying it in the most efficient way, jewelry packaging has to complement jewels with an elegant packaging which must be perfectly aligned with the jewels’ features.

Jewelry boxes, in particular, are actual treasure chests keeping jewels safe and building up anticipation before the emotion-filled gift-giving moment. They must be of prime quality, resistant and appealing and must be made using refined materials and carefully selected colors.

They have to fully reflect the brand’s identity and unique features. A jewelry box, which, for instance, is perfect for a given ring, could not suit another ring at all, regardless of its exceptional quality.

We at SDJ Packing pay great attention to jewelry boxes, since we know very well that the moment they are opened will forever be engraved in people’s memory. These are some of our top models and our proposals for this season.

Our top-selling lines

Among our collections of jewelry cases, the most popular models in 2022 are Urania and Lucinda for their simple looks and Kira and Jamila for their sophisticated aesthetics.

Urania, classic and versatile

Urania – available in two versions, simple and chic – is our most popular lid-bottom jewelry box. As mentioned, when we talked about different models of jewelry cases, lid-bottom boxes are classic, timeless models combining a linear shape and refined look.

This jewelry box has simple lines which can, however, become very appealing when colors are added. Both the inside and the outside coverings are customizable and more than 200 colors are available. Picking different colors for the inside and outside creates a memorable color contrast which makes the brand easy to recognize and leaves the gift recipient feeling ecstatic.

Jewelry boxes
Jewelry boxes

The chic version comes with a satin ribbon conveying a sense of elegance and attention to detail which makes the moment prior to the unwrapping of the gift even more emotional. The ribbon is customizable, too, and can come in the same color as the box or in a contrasting color. What matters the most is finding the right balance: if the box already has two contrasting colors, then it would be best to avoid adding a third one.

Lucinda, shapes conveying emotions

Lucinda is one of our jewelry boxes with drawers. The inside lining and outside covering, made of paper, come in any color and it is possible to choose two contrasting colors, too. It will surely make for a surprise upon opening!

The side tab made of a matching material allows pulling the drawer open, unveiling the box’s precious content. The inside lining, made of foam, can be customized according to the type of jewel and, obviously, the size of the box itself.

The feature of our Lucinda box that our clients appreciate the most, apart from its special opening, is the possibility to add a pouch inside, replacing the foam, thus making the precious jewel even more special.

Jewelry boxes
Jewelry boxes

Kira and Jamila, simplicity and elegance

The Kira and Jamila collections are top sellers among our clients. Since they have a more rigid structure, they can be covered in leatherette, velvet or cotton; we recommend microfiber or leatherette for the interior, although velvet can also be surprisingly good. 

Kira is a lid-bottom jewelry box with a classic, timeless style, whose chic version is refined by the addition of a satin ribbon. Jamila is an elegant and refined hinged-lid, push-button box, ideally suitable for engagement rings, precious necklaces or high jewelry pieces.

Our boxes are specifically conceived for all types of jewels - from necklaces to bracelets, earrings, rings and watches, too, of course! The style of our collections is easy to recognize and, thanks to our customizable sizes and interiors specifically designed to hold given jewels, each jewel can have its own jewelry box.

Jewelry boxes

Trendy materials and colors

Jewelry boxes

We at SDJ Packing pay close attention to jewelry packaging and we keep ourselves constantly updated on new trends which are ever evolving depending on the seasons, too.

We often use papers with particular textures for the outside covering of our boxes. Until a couple of years ago, the smooth look and the soft touch were trendy, whereas as of recently customers rather go for particular effects and different, more concrete textures.

That’s why we use embossed papers for our designs, which are specifically chosen not only for their aesthetics, but also for the tactile experience they provide.

We often use colors with slightly iridescent effects, making the jewelry packaging even more special, and we carefully choose different combinations for all our lines.

The warm orange and pink hues were extremely successful in women’s collections, while among men’s collections the classic dark blue and teal, a visually impressive hue in between blue and green, were the latest top sellers.

Jewelry boxes

Outbox: our packaging changes look

Jewelry boxes

We design and make all jewelry cases; lid-bottom jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes with drawers, hinged-lid boxes with push buttons or magnets. These are all valid and practical solutions allowing our clients to frame their jewels in an elegant and classy way.

If, however, we wish to further impress the gift recipient, we can also add an outbox. It is a carefully designed packaging enhancing its precious content, a journey leading you to unveil the jewel, while discovering the lavish side of the brand. The outbox holds the classic box and a warranty booklet. The interior is divided into two parts: one part, in which the box perfectly fits, and a safe compartment for the warranty booklet. Each outbox is specifically designed for a given client.

Jewelry packaging is an essential tool to make a gift even more precious and to convey the brand identity and the values of a collection in the best possible way. Boxes are not just cases, but rather essential components, and we at SDJ Packing make them using the most refined materials, while keeping an eye on the latest fashion trends.

Jewelry boxes