Jewelry rolls: color trends for 2022

Jewelry rolls: color trends for 2022

Jewelry rolls are essential displays to showcase and store a collection. Aesthetics and functionality are forever intertwined here: the visual element is nothing without the possibility of organizing the collection in a rational way. 

Therefore, jewelry rolls must have two fundamental features. They must be practical so that the jewelry store can arrange the collection in an orderly fashion, but they should also be aesthetically appealing to be able to enhance jewels at the time of sale.

Fashion variations

Colors define the identity of jewelry rolls. We must keep in mind that the choice of color has a huge impact on the message that we want to communicate.

There is a scientific correlation between the colors we see and our mood. Each hue affects the viewer in a different way and being aware of this fact represents a great commercial opportunity for the brand.

At the same time, the market demands that color trends be continuously updated, in order to offer fresh and new proposals.

A company that does not change cannot keep pace: knowing the latest trends is absolutely fundamental.

2022 is drawing closer and we have selected for our fall/winter jewelry roll collections charming and evocative colors with a strong emotional impact on the viewer. Let’s take a look at them together.


Olive green

Olive green is a color with a cool temperature which is, however, softened by the presence of yellow. Like all colors related to natural elements, it is a relaxing and positive hue.

It is a particularly sophisticated and elegant color which is never dull, thanks to its soothing properties.

Jewelry rolls in this color are unique and immediately recognizable displays with a strong but refined personality. They ideally match a gold logo print, for a truly perfect display.

Sky blue

Sky blue is a blend of blue (80%) and white (20%). It is the color of a clear sky and it conveys a sense of peace and tranquility. It communicates purity and innocence and that is why it is often used, in terms of marketing, for children’s products. 

Moreover, this specific nuance allows precious stones and diamonds to shine even brighter. Sky blue jewelry rolls are the perfect frame to boost sales.


Orange is a color with a warm tone resulting from a blend of red and yellow. It is the color of joy, warmth and light. It perfectly suits both summer and winter collections, where it evokes the warm tones of nature and leaves.

A jewelry roll in this color is ideal to store a young and dynamic collection with a strong personality.

It is the perfect display stand to showcase jewels full of character, while it could seem a bit too much for classic collections or bridal jewelry.


Rust color has a warm tone, too, evoking the nuances of leaves. It is an intense and embracing hue resulting from the blend of three warm colors: red, orange and brown.

Rust color, which was very trendy in the 70s, is making a comeback thanks to its eclectic and unconventional personality.

Even though it is a strong color full of personality, it actually pairs really well with many hues: from light grey, through beige and blue, to dark green. In terms of jewel display, you can, therefore, showcase endless collections in these jewelry rolls.

From silver to pearls, from steel to hardstones, from topazes, to turquoises, sapphires and emeralds: rust-colored jewelry rolls offer endless opportunities!


Grey is THE one-size-fits-all color. It is a mix of white and black and it is a neutral and elegant color. However, its effect on viewers should not be underestimated: grey is also the color of mystery, of fog and of the undefined

It is a cool-toned color conveying reliability, sobriety and authority. It is perhaps the most versatile color ever and that’s why grey is used in many collections, from fashion to furniture.

Jewelry rolls with this hue suit collections for men, since they convey a strong and solid sensitivity.


Lavender is a delicate color resulting from the blend of blue, red and white. This hue is considered as being rather feminine, young and romantic

It stimulates intuition, creativity and reflection. It is often used in chromotherapy to destress and calm the nerves.

It is actually a particularly suitable hue to showcase jewels, too, since it conveys creativity and passion. The collection stored in a lavender jewelry roll is naturally enhanced.


Jewelry rolls, some key features

Although fashion and colors are meant to change, there are some other features that should always be present. First of all, of course, quality in terms of each element and each production step. 

Then, of course, the product’s rationality. Jewelry rolls must be practical and functional to help displaying and arranging the collection.

Only when a product is functional and high quality can one start thinking of its visual appearance and make this jewelry roll an interesting and eye-catching frame for each jewel.