Jewelry trays, elegance and practicality

Vassoi per gioielli, eleganza e praticità

Jewelry trays are practical, compact and stackable stands that play an essential role in a jewelry shop and beyond. They not only protect the jewel collection and keep it tidy, but they also act as a window display, perfectly showcasing the jewels.

Our trays are available in several colors, sizes and heights. Moreover, each model has customizable interior and exterior linings, which allows finding the perfect harmony in terms of style and color with the jewels on display.

However, one feature of jewelry trays that plays a fundamental role is the interior layout. The arrangement of pads, little pads and cylinder inserts affect how the collection is being laid out and, hence, how the final display will look like.

The highest flexibility for a tailor-made display

This topic is very wide and goes well beyond the examples mentioned here. In any case, what we would like to underline is the fact that these trays and their interior layout are multifunctional.

As a matter of fact, pads are not only used inside trays, but also in purse rolls and book folders. In the same way, trays can also hold, apart from pads, pillow pads, little pads and cylinder inserts.

Displaying jewels is an art and it cannot be merely defined as a sum of display stands. Each collection is unique and, as such, it requires that specific attention be paid to its strengths.

We at SDJ Packing are able to meet any specific need and the key feature of our trays is their interchangeability. Everything is designed to be dynamic and modular. That’s why we provide our clients with endless solutions and different combinations to showcase their jewels.

jewelry tray

I-Light Trays: the added value of a lightweight design

jewelry tray

We have designed our I-Light trays, which are not only beautiful and elegant, but also practical and lightweight, keeping in mind how a potential display could look like; I-Light trays are, therefore, ideal both inside a jewelry and in the event of trade fairs.

These trays, which are specifically designed for high-jewelry products, are able to combine beautiful aesthetics with an easy transportation and the highest practicality, which are absolutely essential assets for representatives.

I-Light trays are available in customizable sizes and heights depending on the client’s needs, and offer the same features and advantages as the traditional jewelry trays, but they weigh considerably less. 

Jewels can be displayed in practically endless combinations. Moreover, the range of trendy colors and the research on materials make them extremely elegant and sophisticated, as well as practical and handy. 

I-Light trays are the ideal display stand for fairs. As a matter of fact, their light weight makes for shrinking shipping costs and guarantees an optimal ease of use for representatives during fairs.

Fairs are, by nature, extremely dynamic events. The lighter the trays are, the easier the job is for representatives that have to handle them.

In brief, I-Light trays make for an elegant, sophisticated and lightweight display which can be fully customized thanks to the interior inserts. They are also extremely practical, when they have to be transported. Let’s think of a trolley, for instance: a lightweight tray is a more than valuable asset.

jewelry tray

Frame Trays, luxury and design

Frame trays are, on the contrary, conceived for a more “static” display. They are more suited to a jewelry shop, rather than a fair, since jewelries can use these stands to charm the viewers and highlight a very precious product.

They are designed to hold luxury and, as such, their purpose is offering the best aesthetics. They focus on elegant shapes, the best materials, perfect harmony between different hues and textures.

These trays are available in hundreds of different colors and it is also possible to combine different materials for the inside and outside lining, thus creating an even more appealing visual effect.

Given that the inside layout is interchangeable, these stands are extremely versatile. We have already talked about the versatility of displays, and the same principle can be applied to trays, too.

jewelry tray
jewelry tray

A versatile support is an invaluable tool for a shop which can count on a tray that, in this case, is able to suit different collections in a seamless and natural manner. That also implies that the product has a long lifetime, since it can provide a solution to different needs.

All of this can only be achieved if the quality is excellent. And in the case of Frame Trays, the manufacturing quality is superior, and includes first-rate finishes.

Viewers must be focusing their attention on the jewels, but that can only happen if the stand is able to enhance them properly. Our jewelry trays are the ideal solution to shine a spotlight on jewels, display different collections and tell the story of each brand.

Organizing Classic Trays: pads

jewelry tray

Trays can hold the whole collection and pads help highlighting different jewels and arranging and displaying the collection according to a general design, thus showcasing it in a clear and efficient manner.

Bracelets, rings, earrings, watches and necklaces – each jewel has its matching pad. Pads with plain squares or central slit, with rubber bands, hooks, tabs, pierced straps and much more. The range of solutions is practically endless.