Leatherette: special effects and sophisticated textures

 Materiali per i nostri espositori

Leatherette is one of the materials that we use the most for our products, especially jewelry rolls, where it often serves as outer material.

As a matter of fact, it is a very convenient and extremely versatile option allowing to make long-lasting jewelry rolls with a very high customization degree and a beautiful appeal.

A precious and eclectic material

As previously mentioned in our in-depth article about leatherette, we select our suppliers with the greatest care and we carry out inhouse leakage and wear and tear testing on all their samples and textures.

By doing so, we not only make sure to provide our clients with a material of the highest quality that will be used to make elegant and long-lasting designs, but we also facilitate our job, preventing waste and imperfections.


Leatherette: sturdy, versatile and cruelty free

Leatherette has shown extreme resistance to wear and tear, scratches, humidity and direct exposure to sunlight and it does not require a particular care.

We at SDJ Packing use two kinds of leatherette: a softer and elastic kind, which is ideal to cover display stands, and a stiffer kind that suits jewelry trays and jewelry rolls.

Smaller display stands or display stands with complex shapes require an elastic and flexible material that is able to perfectly cover all corners and fit every silhouette. On the other hand, jewelry trays and jewelry rolls, which are continuously held to show jewels around, need a sturdier kind of cover.

Texture: all our options

Thanks to its thickness, the leatherette of our jewelry rolls and jewelry trays can also come with different textures and deep embossing, unlike the kind of leatherette we use for our jewelry display stands.

Which effects can we use to enrich our jewelry trays and jewelry rolls? Leatherette looks amazing with smooth, glossy textures, faux leather effect, brushed finish, hammer finish, vintage look, wrinkled effect, faux crocodile leather look or slightly sparkly metallic finish (gold or silver).

Let’s keep in mind that jewelry rolls provide, after all, a tactile experience. Their design, color and effects must be perceived by vision first, and then by touch. Therefore, their texture is paramount to convey an emotion through the sense of touch.


Tailored jewelry rolls for each collection


Jewelry rolls help holding the collection, keeping it safe and tidy, but they can also help enhancing jewels during the sale.

Functionality is always the starting point. Customers choose the most suitable leatherette jewelry rolls for their collection according to the size and internal layout and then go on to choosing all the features to make the jewelry display stand elegant and appealing.

Colors and effects defining the brand image

Afterwards, it’s time to pick the color which plays a fundamental role in conveying the desired message: each color affects viewers differently and makes specific mind connections.

We have many nuances for each color in our catalog, but we can also custom make Pantone colors, if the brand’s signature hue is not part of our catalog.

In this case, the process will take longer, since it entails an additional step. After all, as previously mentioned in our article about trend colors of jewelry rolls for 2022, colors are one of the most important elements that define the personality of a jewelry roll: obtaining an image that is fully in line with the brand is surely worth the wait.


A tactile experience

Once we have found the most representative hue for the brand, it’s time to choose effects and textures out of our catalog. Let’s keep in mind that the more unique the jewelry roll is, the more unforgettable the jewelry display will be.

We at SDJ Packing offer many different solutions and special effects for leatherette. That is made possible by the fact that we work with a very high-quality material that we have personally selected and tested.

We work alongside our clients, providing them with careful and fully customized consulting services, to make sure that jewelry rolls are helpful not only to display a collection, but also to drive sales.