Logos, essential elements to showcase jewels

Il logo, un elemento essenziale per la presentazione dei gioielli

Jewelry display stands communicate the brand identity and values in many different ways. The lines, colors, effects and materials that are selected for the brand must be in line with the brand essence in order to interpret it in the best way, while enhancing the jewels.

However, the element that represents and identifies the brand the most is the logo, the most immediate visual representation that the brand has to communicate and be recognized. Whether it be on display stands, on shoppers, on boxes or on jewelry rolls, the logo must be straightforward and easy to read, correctly positioned and printed in high quality.

Logos as marketing strategy tools

Logos are the graphic representation of the brand essence and they should visually show the brand’s values and stylistic code. Each logo is unique and it is strictly connected to the identity and immediately recognizable, just as if it were the company’s DNA. In other words, without logo, there is no brand.

Logos are the main elements of each marketing strategy since they encompass the mission ideas and the company values. They are a symbol bearing many meanings: even without using words, logos can instantly communicate, not only the name, but also the style, feature and personality of the brand.

Logos, essential elements to showcase jewels
Logos, essential elements to showcase jewels

We at SDJ Packing are very aware that it is incredibly important to focus on the logos’ graphic design. That’s why we pay great attention to different printing techniques and we create an unbreakable visual tie between the logo, the product and brand image.

But there’s more. As mentioned in our article about designing window displays, logos are often used as starting point for

Jewelry rolls: logos anticipate the collection

Jewelry rolls are essential display stands to showcase jewels in a store or in trade fairs. Soft, rigid or purse rolls have different features that meet several display needs, but they do have one common purpose: enhancing the collection and interpreting it using the most suitable colors, materials, textures and finishing techniques and the logo is a very important – or better said essential - element to this extent.

Logos, essential elements to showcase jewels

Where should the logo be placed?

Logos, essential elements to showcase jewels

The logo should, of course, be designed in the best way. However, if we want it to attract the viewer’s attention, it should also be placed in the right position.

Concerning the jewelry rolls with strap closure, the logo should be placed on the side; otherwise, when the roll is closed, the logo would be covered by the straps and would, therefore, not be visible. In the case of jewelry rolls with snap fasteners, it would be best to place the logo right in the middle, so as to obtain a symmetrical presentation. In the case of soft or mixed jewelry rolls with Velcro closure and transparent label pocket, we advise printing the logo on the opposite side of the label, so as to visually balance all elements.

There are three different techniques to print the logo; the logo should, obviously, also be placed inside of the roll in order to convey an even neater, more refined and overall, more elegant image. Let’s take a look at these techniques in more details.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping consists in transferring the image from heat-transfer paper to the jewelry rolls by means of a thermopress. A logo that is conceived this way can be very detailed, can come in several colors and also have metallic effects.

Silk-screen printing

Silk-screen printing implies the direct application of ink by using a specific mesh where the logo is engraved. Once again, the choice of color depends from the collection that will be displayed and must be in line with the brand identity, as well as, of course, with the color of the jewelry roll covering material.

Logos, essential elements to showcase jewels
Logos, essential elements to showcase jewels


Embossing is a kind of print that does not imply the use of colors; it is also called thermoforming, since the logo is engraved with heat. This technique is ideally suited for thick and rigid leatherette and velvet, but it’s not recommended for lightweight and thin materials. It is the only printing technique providing a tactile feel; as a matter of fact, the first two printing techniques do not have a thick output, whereas embossing creates a three-dimensional surface, a sort of negative relief.

The selection of the printing technique depends from the kind of material and jewelry roll we are dealing with. Inner lining is usually made of thin microfiber which looks great with silk-screen printing. The outside covering material could be made of lightweight fabric, for which we recommend hot stamping or silk-screen printing, while in the case of thicker fabric, embossing is a high-quality option which has a great aesthetic result.

Logos are one of the most important tools telling all about a brand, its values and mission. Colors, materials, effects and textures interpret the collection, but it’s the logo that can convey its unique style.

Logos play a particularly important role in the case of jewelry rolls. Their placement is supposed to attract the audience gaze and their execution using hot stamping, silk-screen printing or embossing techniques makes the jewelry roll even more elegant, as well as the brand immediately recognizable.

Logos, essential elements to showcase jewels