Mixed jewelry rolls, maximum customization for the best displays

Pochette 2.0, valorizzare un gioiello con la semplicità

Jewelry rolls allow us to display jewels in an elegant and functional way intended to sell. Mixed jewelry rolls, in particular, represent the ultimate customization.

The internal layout is designed based solely on the client’s needs, thus creating a custom-made display stand.

Mixed jewelry rolls, tailor-made displays

Soft and rigid rolls only allow showcasing one type of jewel at the time. On the contrary, mixed jewelry rolls let us showcase different kinds of jewels at the same time.

What matters the most is being able to fully customize the interior layout, selecting on an individual basis the slots for rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

For which occasions are mixed jewelry rolls suitable?

We have mentioned the client’s specific needs; let’s now take a look at some cases, where mixed jewelry rolls represent the best display solution.

Among all types of jewelry rolls, mixed rolls suit varying set of samples the most, since they often change according to seasons, too.

Jewelry stores, on the one hand, have big and quite regular collections in terms of jewel kinds and number of pieces. That’s why it is recommended to use standard rolls for the in-store display.

Representatives, on the other hand, have to pay close attention to the jewel displays, which must be carefully conceived in the smallest details, as well as to the display of specific collection pieces in exhibitions and to the display of the right amount of jewels in the event of trade fairs.

jewelry roll
 jewelry roll

The same thing can be said about trunk shows, i.e., events that are accessible only to a limited and very exclusive clientele. In this case, it is even more important that the display be extremely targeted.

Jewels are carefully selected from the entire collection. Since there are less pieces to show, it is paramount that the display stands properly enhance and highlight the jewels, by forming an elegant, sophisticated frame which perfectly aligns with the jewels’ style.

Mixed rolls’ internal layout

 jewelry roll

The internal layout of mixed rolls is fully customizable. One only has to decide how to design the interior arrangement and where to place the slots for bracelets, the cylinder inserts for rings, the earring straps with holes and the strings for the necklaces.

There is no standard solution for these jewelry rolls, and that’s where their strength lies. Each set of samples, each mini collection will have a tailor-made presentation.

As regards the size of mixed jewelry rolls, it once again all depends on the amount of jewels one wishes to showcase.

The smallest sizes, for instance, which we recommend should be at least 25 cm (9.8 inch) long, can hold many jewels, earrings, rings or they can also come with practical pockets with zip closures to safely hold charms.

The biggest sizes, which can measure up to 70 cm (27.5 inch) long, are suitable to hold and highlight different kinds of jewels which are placed one next to another; in order to do so, enough space and the right harmony are required.

Materials, colors, closures and logos: which are the possibilities?

Just like the internal layout and size, materials and colors can also be customized. The interior lining is made of microfiber which is useful to keep the collection clean and shiny – all you have to do is rub the jewel surface with the microfiber and it will immediately look shiny. The outside material can range from leatherette or velvet to microfiber, depending on the display and on the features of the collection on show.

It is the client that chooses each individual element, so as to highlight the identity of the selected jewels. The type of closure is also customizable on an individual basis to showcase the jewel collection in the most efficient way.


The Velcro closure, also called hook-and-loop fastener, is extremely classic and elegant. It is placed inside the roll and it cannot be seen from the outside.

It is a functional and very practical solution. In order to close the roll and keep it still, all you have to do is wrap it.

Snap fasteners

Snap fasteners are ideal for smaller-sized rolls which are not too packed or heavy.

On the contrary, in the case of bigger jewelry rolls, it would be best to opt for softer and more flexible kinds of closure, such as strings and strings with Velcro.

 jewelry roll


Straps are the freshest and trendiest kind of closure. The strap, whether it is long and can be tied in a bow, or custom cut and closed off with a Velcro fastener, is a practical and very aesthetically appealing solution.

So far, we talked about customizing the interior layout, size and closure, but there is one element representing the key of customization: the logo.

The logo can be placed on the outside and/or on the inside of the mixed roll and it can come in another color than the roll or look like a reverse logo with no color at all. Obviously, the choice depends on the feature of the collection and the brand identity.

Silk-screen printing and hot stamping

The logo can be printed with two different techniques: silk-screen printing or hot stamping. In the first case, you will obtain a clear print and a very wide color range; in the second case, the fabric will be pressed and the logo will be stamped at a high temperature; this technique is mostly used on leatherette.

Just like with the color, specific choices must be made here depending on the features of the jewels that will be displayed. Anyway, rather than only picking the color and the printing technique, one should rather think about how the final effect and the combination with the fabric and the color of the roll will ultimately look like.

 jewelry roll
 jewelry roll

Label pockets to classify the collections

It is possible to add a laminated label pocket on the outside of the mixed jewelry rolls to classify the collections and their contents.

It is a feature combining practicality and aesthetics. As a matter of fact, apart from their practical function, the finishes are extremely detailed and the quality is prime.

The features of these jewelry rolls that can be customized with a minimum order quantity are:

  • Size
  • Internal layout
  • Closure
  • Logo
  • Material
  • Colors

The result will be a practical and functional stand that has an absolutely optimal customization level.

It is useful to keep the collection clean and shiny – all you have to do is rub the surface with the microfiber and it will immediately look shiny.