Modern jewelry displays, much more than window displays

Modern jewelry displays, much more than window displays

The world of jewelry displays is wide and constantly evolving. Although we are dealing here with a global market, there are big differences in the way different countries display and present their jewels.

In Europe, we still make a distinction between window displays and counter displays, while in other countries, especially in the United States, this distinction has more or less ceased to exist.

Instead of calling them counter displays, we should rather call them modern displays. It is all about displaying jewels in a new way, focusing entirely on highlighting the collections with elegant, versatile and functional display stands.

A new way to display jewels

What are the advantages of these modern displays? And how do they change the image of the jewelry store?

In a point of sale, moving the display from the window to the counter means filling up the space and surrounding clients with beauty, making them feel completely immersed in the world of gold and jewels.

Jewels are physically closer and that means being able to involve buyers on a higher level, and allow them to appreciate every small details.

jewelry display
jewelry display

It is up to each individual jewelry store to decide how to arrange the disposition of jewelry displays, in order to create a harmonious and luxurious space.

Moreover, having a modern and elegant display stand on the counter means closing the distance between the clients and the jewel and being able to interact directly with them to close the deal.

That’s how sales mainly go in the United States, for instance. The same care and attention are paid to both the counter and the window displays: therefore, a greater number of items are displayed, thus also optimizing the possibilities to close the sale.

American Beauty, the new level of jewelry display

We at SDJ Packing have been working for years with representatives and jewelry stores from the United States, and we have developed a jewelry display collection that is able to enhance any jewel.

We couldn’t choose a better name for this collection than American Beauty. This new and completely upgraded catalogue enhances the luxury of counter displays inspired by Art Deco.

This new style combines classic and minimal and plays with lines, colors and materials to create breathtaking contrasts. The combination of different materials and the contrast between soft fabrics and modern lines with iron borders make these stands even more beautiful and refined.

jewelry display

What are the requirements for modern displays?

It is not all about placing displays in different ways. We are actually talking about displays stands which were conceived in a totally different way to satisfy specific needs and specific presentation methods.

jewelry display

Modern displays should guarantee a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality to enhance the jewels, by perfectly framing them.

Just like we said, when we talked about how much versatility in jewelry displays actually matters, a long-lasting display stand is a safe investment.

Of course, for a display stand to be long lasting, it should be of the best quality, that is it must be designed, prototyped, developed and manufactured complying with the highest quality standards.

If we wish to upgrade our display with functional, elegant and prime-quality stands, we should ideally observe whoever is already using this system, i.e., the American market.

Beyond classic counter displays

Counter displays have been existing since jewelry stores exist. They are the most immediate way to showcase jewels, since they literally are the closest stands to the viewer.

If we wish to upgrade our display, we should, however, overcome the dichotomy between window displays and counter displays and we should, instead, focus on the main features of these display stands.

Perfect balance between practicality and elegance, prime quality and great versatility are some essential requirements, but there are many more.

As a matter of fact, in order to highlight a collection, jewelry displays must be actual design objects which can catch the attention and direct the eyes on the jewels.

jewelry display

Customization for tailored displays

Each collection is unique and so is the brand behind it. We at SDJ Packing believe that customization is the only way to make a jewelry display truly memorable.

That’s why we provide our clients with a wide range of colors, materials and accessories to pick from.

jewelry display

Furthermore, logos can be added to our display stands, both by hot stamping and silk-screen printing, to immediately convey the brand’s values and identity to the viewer.

Our new jewelry displays are much more than simple display stands supporting jewels. Of course, their main purpose is enhancing the collection, by framing it with style and elegance, but they have a much bigger role.

With the new window displays of the American Beauty collection, we can, as a matter of fact, fully upgrade the jewelry store and promote sales in a totally new way.