Multi-purpose jewelry displays: when functionality meets elegance

Multi-purpose jewelry displays: when functionality meets elegance

Multi-purpose jewelry displays are ideal for any type of jewel thanks to their extreme versatility; as a matter of fact, they can hold earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings in a well-balanced, but also compact manner.

They are made of two pieces: the outer packaging, which turns into an actual display surface, and the internal pads designed to create a display which is as functional and as elegant as possible.

Versatility and elegance: that’s what multi-purpose displays are all about

Multi-purpose jewelry displays are suitable for all those jewelry stores that love to upgrade and often change their window displays, since they provide the highest degree of freedom when arranging the jewels.

This allows optimizing one’s investment: each individual display stand can be used an endless number of times to display many different jewels.

As we have already mentioned, when we talked about how important versatility in jewelry displays is, a versatile display lasts over time and is not bound to a specific collection.

However, to be able to use the display stand many times, it should be manufactured to the highest quality. Design, development and manufacture should comply with the highest quality standards, and so should the raw materials.

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Assembling a window display

By changing the interior pad, a multi-purpose display can enhance jewels of different kinds and fit a diverse range of collections.

However, and that’s the most interesting feature, the intended use can change, too. It all depends on the arrangement the jewelry store chooses.

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If the multi-purpose jewelry display is used individually, it acts as an elegant and refined recipient in which you can show the merchandise to your clients. However, when these jewelry displays are placed one next to another, following a precise arrangement layout, they become actual counter display units.

One will need to pay the greatest attention to the final balance. By using specific accessories for every kind of jewel, it is quite easy to create a balanced and harmonious display. If, instead, one wishes to use all vertical modular display stands, it is essential to balance out the arrangement, taking into account the jewels’ sizes and the arrangement layout.

All that matters is catching the viewers’ attention and intriguing them, making them want to discover more. The “trick” is placing the most important jewel, or perhaps even a necklace with a pendant, in the middle or in a dominating position, and alternating the other jewels on the sides.

One must not necessarily create a perfectly symmetrical layout which could tire the eyes and seem too banal, but one should rather distribute all the best jewels of the collection all around the display.

Therefore, multi-purpose displays help creating actual modular, interlocking and fully customizable window displays. Thanks to the removable pads, each slot is dynamic and interchangeable and it can be handled independently by the clients according to their display needs.

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Interior pads for every need

As previously mentioned, these multi-purpose jewelry displays are made of an outer structure and an interior pad.

The interior pad can come in the same size as the outer structure, thus filling up the whole space, or there could also be two or three smaller pads which are placed one next to another, so as to create a completely different display in the very same slot. All pads have proportional sizes following the golden ratio rule, thus allowing creating a perfect balance in each display.

The strength of these multi-purpose displays actually lies in their fully modular structure. Each display can change an infinite number of times to hold different jewels in terms of style, number and kind.

Interior pads are designed keeping in mind all of the clients’ potential needs. That’s why they can come with the following options:

  • With slits for necklaces 
  • With flaps for earrings 
  • With small cylinder inserts for rings or big cylinder inserts for rigid bracelets and watches 
  • with a mound for necklaces

Being able to replace the pad with another pad or two pads with one quick move is a great asset for jewelry stores that can now change the display any time they like.

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Highest customization

These jewelry displays are the embodiment of customization. The only feature that does not change is the width of the outer structure: the smaller versions are 3 cm (1.2 inch) high, while the bigger ones are 3.5 cm (1.4 inch) high.

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Covering materials and colors are fully customizable in order to meet a wide range of needs.

Multi-purpose jewelry displays are the most versatile solution to showcase one’s products. Furthermore, they represent a great investment opportunity since, by simply removing the interior pad, one can completely change the display and upgrade the whole jewelry store’s look.

Apart from enhancing any kind of jewel, these display stands can also be combined to make a wide and well-structured window display. They change depending on different needs and guarantee a functional and flexible display which is stylish and sophisticated at the same time.