Necklace displays: the most suitable display stand for each jewel

Necklace displays: the most suitable display stand for each jewel

Displaying a jewel in a functional way means captivating viewers and getting them to make a purchase. Display stands should frame the jewel in an elegant and refined manner in order to enhance its beauty and its unique identity.

Among all jewels, necklaces are probably the ones requiring the most care when displaying them. Necklaces come in endless models that greatly differ from one another.

Necklace displays include a wide range of options so as to satisfy every need. Let’s take a look at the main categories.

Bust display stand, the necklace as you would wear it

Unlike vertical stands, pads and horizontal stands, which are also perfectly suitable to display bracelets and earrings, bust display stands are only designed to display necklaces.

The main advantage of this kind of display is clear. This display stand showcases the necklace and its splendor, while showing in a very clear way how the necklace looks like when it is worn.

Bust display stands are shaped into a stylized, human silhouette so as to match the shop window style in a harmonious way, while enhancing the jewels and letting them shine.

 Just like there are several necklace models, bust display stands are also available in different heights, in order to highlight each kind of necklace in the best possible way. The tallest ones are obviously ideal to showcase long or pendant necklaces.

As a matter of fact, plenty of room is necessary to highlight these kinds of necklaces. That’s why a tall bust display stand is the best solution for a long necklace. That very same jewel would probably look disproportionate on a shorter display.

Princess necklaces or standard-length necklaces, which fall softly on the neck and are not tight, are ideally enhanced by a mid-height bust display stand. In this case, a taller display stand would not be suitable, since the viewer would probably be distracted by the empty space below the necklace.

Chokers, the tightest kind of necklace, pair perfectly well with the shortest bust displays.  Once again, we want viewers to focus their attention on the jewels and not on the empty space. Very tall display busts would probably be too distracting in this case.

Necklace displays
Necklace displays
Necklace displays
Necklace displays

Vertical stands: to each necklace its display stand

So, we could say that longer necklaces require taller display stands. This golden rule of necklace displays can be applied to vertical stands, too, whether it be wedge displays or flat displays.

Even in this case, displays come in different sizes to showcase jewels in an elegant way and, what’s even more important, are tailored to enhance specific features of different jewels.

Wedge displays, available in many colors, can be either lacquered or covered. Flat displays are not only available in different sizes, colors and finishing, but they can also be straight or curved. The design, which can either be minimal or sinuous looking, helps highlighting the necklaces and underline their identities.

Necklace displays

Different colors, finishing and shapes make for totally different display styles. Let’s think, for instance, of a black lacquered display with a strong style and clean lines and let’s compare it with a curved display with sinuous lines, which is light pink and is covered in soft leatherette. The end effect is completely different.

Let’s keep in mind that these displays are taller than they are wide. They are, therefore, ideal for dainty pendant necklaces, diamond necklaces or lariat and Y-necklaces.

On the contrary, taller bust display stands are ideal for colliers with precious stones, multi-strand necklaces or plastron necklaces which cover pretty much the whole décolleté area, since taller bust display stands offer a wider frame to enhance the necklaces without making them look over the top.

You could also match the necklace display with the earring display. Considering the size, it would be ideal in this case to display a simple and refined set with a diamond solitaire necklace and earrings, which allows viewers to focus the attention on the diamond without it being too overwhelming.

Necklace displays
Necklace displays
Necklace displays

Displays with removable pad for shop windows and much more

An interesting alternative to bust display stands and vertical stands is horizontal necklace displays. They are raised pads that are available in different sizes, colors and finishing.

They have a precious and elegant design and they are tilted towards the viewers with the purpose of engaging and captivating them. These displays, whether they are placed as part of a shop window display or by themselves, perhaps on a jewelry counter, are eye magnets.

They are ideal to display pendant necklaces: the pendant will be placed in the center of the pad and, will, therefore, also be at the center of attention.

They aren’t, however, the best choice for particularly long or tight-fitting necklaces, since the shape of the display itself doesn’t particularly enhance this feature.

Necklace displays are not just stands where you can place the jewel. They are functional elements of a jewelry store and, at the same time, actual design objects that are elegant and refined.

Many models, colors, finishing and shapes match very different necklaces. The purpose is, however, always the same: creating a precious frame to enhance the jewel and its uniqueness in the best possible way.

Necklace displays