Pouches 2.0, the simple way to highlight jewels

Pochette 2.0, valorizzare un gioiello con la semplicità

Packaging a jewel in an elegant and functional way is a matter of taste, experience and creativity. Jewelry packaging must convey the emotion of a precious gift and enhance it in the best possible way, while also telling all about the brand history and brand identity.

There are several packaging options, but pouches among all options provide tactile as well as visual experiences.

Pouches 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0: what are the differences?

At SDJ Packing, analyzing the brand identity and carefully considering the strengths of each collection are the first steps of every project.

Our mission is all about creating display stands – whether it be for displaying, presenting or packaging purposes – that are able to enhance jewels in the most efficient and refined way.

As far as pouches are concerned, we have created as many as three different lines. Pouches 2.0. stand out from pouches 3.0 and 4.0, because they were specifically designed to take up as little space as possible, being almost two-dimensional, and to hold the jewel in the best possible way. Pouches 2.0. have an extremely simple and linear shape and, although they are compact and very narrow, they are still extremely versatile.

jewelry packaging

Packaging from classic to original

jewelry packaging

Pouches 2.0 can come in the shape of: 

  • envelopes, like the collections Sveva, Klea, Myka, Frida, Asia, Ivory, Elettra, Chloe and Maika 
  • sachets, like the lines Iris, Goccia and Hira. 

The first pouches open up like envelopes and can come with a snap fastener, magnetic button, tab holder or ribbon.

The sachet pouches, on the contrary, come with a tie or ribbon closure. They are still rather narrow and compact, unlike their counterparts belonging to the 3.0 and 4.0 series which come with a rigid base instead of a seam, giving them a three-dimensional appearance.

Lucinda Box, when packaging becomes truly special

Pouches 2.0 can either be used on their own, in order to hold a jewel in a special way and enhance its splendor, as well as keep it safe, or along with another kind of jewelry packaging

It’s the case of the Lucinda box which turns into an actual pouch box designed to hold an envelope pouch 2.0 of your choice among all the collections. Thanks to its practical drawer, the Lucinda box can hold a pouch 2.0, which, upon opening the gift, will amaze and deeply move the gift recipient.

jewelry packaging

Pouches 2.0, versatility and elegance

Pouches 2.0 are ideal to package any kind of jewel, except watches and stiff bracelets for which three-dimensional pouches such as the pouches 3.0 are more suitable.

These pouches offer the highest adaptability: each line contains at least 3 different sizes. However, other sizes can be agreed upon during consultation, since pouches can be fully customized.

Whether it be for a ring, a necklace, a pair of earrings or a bracelet, pouches 2.0 are able to protect and enhance any jewel with style and elegance. All you need to do is choose the pouch size depending on the size of the jewel it should contain.

jewelry packaging

Customization, the core of our job

jewelry packaging

Customization is our trademark. Consulting is essential to define together with the client all the features that the display stands will have.

Jewelry packaging must shine a spotlight on the jewel and convey an emotion, by creating some anticipation in the gift recipient.

In order to do so, we at SDJ Packing provide our clients with a wide range of colors and materials, as well as our passion and experience.

Materials and colors portraying the jewel

Pouches 2.0 come in velvet, microfiber, leatherette or felt. There are several colors, too, ranging from the softest hues to the more modern and brighter colors.

It all depends on the client’s needs and on the specific features of the jewels which will help us determine which display stand to pick.

By customizing, we can also change the structure of the pouches, as well as the colors and materials. Upon request, we can also add inner compartments that can hold other precious gifts.

Different materials for breathtaking contrasts

Depending on the collection and jewel identity, one can choose the most suitable color and material

A truly interesting option would also be designing the inside and outside of the pouch, using different materials.

A combination that is sure to impress is velvet on the outside with satin on the inside. Satin is a precious and delicate material which is not suitable to be used on the outside, since it could get damaged, but it is ideal for the inside, where it comes into contact with the jewel and enhances it in a unique way.

Even ribbons, if there are any, can be customized. You can choose between satin and grosgrain for a more classic, modern or refined effect.

We have already talked about jewelry packaging as a marketing tool, but it is worth underling how important the logo truly is.

The logo must always be clearly visible on each packaging, since it not only helps us recognize a specific brand, but it also embodies a part of its story which triggers an immediate emotional response in the viewer.

Jewelry packaging is necessary to wrap a precious gift in an elegant and functional way, but its role is much bigger than that. Pouches, boxes and shoppers are marketing tools helping you stand out from competitors.

Pouches 2.0, in particular, are an extremely refined, versatile and affordable solution to hold a jewel and also communicate the brand identity.