Pouches 3.0, when jewelry packaging combines emotions and functionality

Pouches 3.0 jewelry packaging

Jewelry packaging is the first point of contact that customers establish with the brand. That’s why jewelry packaging is so important: first impressions do matter!

A gift to others or to yourself has to spark not only an emotional response, but also visual and tactile experiences evoking feelings and sensations. Choosing packaging becomes, therefore, a way to convey the brand story and values.

A new way to conceive packaging

Pouches 3.0 are one of our jewelry packaging options, allowing the brand full customization. They are three dimensional (height, depth and length) and can hold any type of jewel.

Since they are three-dimensional, they can also hold jewelry display stands. As a matter of fact, you can place soft foams, suitable for necklaces or earrings, as well as rigid pads for rings and jewelry sets, or pillow pads for bracelets and watches, inside these pouches.

By doing so, you keep the jewels safe, preventing them from bending or getting damaged. These display stands can be tailormade upon customer’s request, resulting in a fully customized offer. This leads to the pouches 3.0 being extremely functional in many ways, as well as beautiful.

Jewelry pouches 3.0
Jewelry pouches 3.0

Shapes and finishes: choosing between classic and original

Pouches 3.0 can have the shape of envelopes or sachets.

The former close up in a similar way than actual letter envelopes; they can be fastened with a button, ribbon or zipper. These pouches have more squared lines and fit a modern style.

The latter look like actual sachets and come with a rigid base; their closure can come with a tie or a ribbon. These pouches suit a more classic and timeless look.

How do they differ from pouches 2.0?

Unlike pouches 3.0, pouches 2.0 are two-dimensional and flat. As mentioned in our article about jewelry pouches 2.0, they can be used together with other forms of packaging to enhance and integrate a precious gift.

Our line of sachet pouches is also designed to be placed inside a box. Our Lucinda series is, for instance, a great example of this option. It is an elegant and very visually impactful jewelry packaging idea which makes for a real surprise upon opening!

On the contrary, pouches 3.0 are all-encompassing items on their own and, to a certain extent, they take on the role of the box. They are, therefore, a very simple and elegant packaging solution that does not require additional elements.

Jewelry pouches 3.0

Materials and colors to build your image

Jewelry pouches 3.0

In the case of pouches belonging to the 3.0 line, our clients can avail themselves of a wide range of materials: felt, microfiber, leatherette or velvet.

Generally speaking, we recommend using satin for the interior, since it is soft to the touch and shiny and it conveys a sense of preciousness, whereas we suggest using velvet and microfiber for the exterior, since they are more resistant.

There are numerous colors to choose from. Warm or cold hues, bright and vibrant colors or pastel colors: starting from a first color idea, it is possible to find the exact hue matching any request.

Customization by SDJ Packing

Pouches 3.0 allow a really high customization level. Apart from choosing the right size, it is also possible to combine different materials and colors for the interior and exterior.

Color and material combinations are nearly endless, so as to allow clients to express the brand identity and values in the best possible way.

Last but not least, we customize each individual pouch with the brand’s printed logo. Let’s not forget that making jewelry packaging recognizable is essential for marketing purposes and it helps build customer loyalty among those clients sharing the same values as the brand.

Jewelry pouches 3.0
Jewelry pouches 3.0

Jewelry packaging has, therefore, a double role: the functional role of wrapping the jewel to keep it safe and the second role of promoting and conveying the brand identity and making its message come across and stand out.

Pouches 3.0 play this double role effortlessly: they offer a complete packaging solution for an exclusive brand image.