Ring displays: how to arrange a balanced exhibition

Ring displays: how to arrange a balanced exhibition

Each display revolves around the jewel and each jewel has unique features showcasing the collection and brand identity. As beautiful as the jewel might be, it still needs an equally elegant display stand that can highlight its beauty in the best possible way.

Universal jewelry displays that fit all kinds of jewels do not exist. Understanding the personality of a jewel and choosing the perfect display stand accordingly is no easy feat, and it requires a deep understanding of the field and a lot of creativity, something that we at SDJ Packing are not lacking.

And when dealing with rings, i.e., the most ancient and symbolic jewels that are tangible signs of the eternal promise, nothing can be left to chance.

Displaying rings in an elegant way: how many kinds of display stands are there?

As is the case of earring displays, ring displays also come in many different models to suit all kinds of jewels.

Display stands with tab

Display stands with tab, which can be individual or multiple, guarantee the highest degree of customization in terms of design. As a matter of fact, these display stands include risers that can come in many styles and completely different lines and shapes.

The possibilities are endless: a squared and lacquered stand, a sinuous design, enveloping lines and a display stand covered in soft leatherette. It is up to the client to choose the style that best fits each collection.

Height is another determining factor. One can choose taller or shorter display stands among a wide range, depending on where they will be placed in the window display.

Ring displays
Ring displays

Cylinder ring displays

Cylinder ring displays can have either linear or sinuous, soft or geometric shapes, as well as a minimalist or a more romantic design.

Just like displays with tabs, cylinder displays also come in different heights and can be customized or even be doubled, that is two cylinders on the same base.

Cylinders can either be fixed or removable with a hook. However, they only differ in appearance, while the functionality and practicality of these display stands remain unaltered.

Ring cones

Ring cones, also called finger-shaped displays, are the most classic and traditional ring holders, but they have a unique visual impact meaning that they never go out of style and are always in demand.

Our standard line includes two different formats of ring cones – individual and multiple – which have a minimalist design with linear and geometric shapes and a clean and elegant style.

These display stands are especially practical since they take up little space. They can easily suit any window display without compromising the overall harmony and balance.

Ring displays
Ring displays

Ring disc displays and ring fan displays

The ring disc displays and ring fan displays are the most basic and less challenging ring holders. The ring disc display is a stiff disc that is placed inside the ring and keeps it tilted towards the viewer. 

We have previously mentioned that jewelry displays are put at the service of jewels. In this case the display almost disappears, thus enhancing the ring in a very simple way without adding anything else to it.

On the contrary, the ring fan display is a little bit more complex. It should always be placed inside the ring and it immediately stands out in a window display.

How do you set up a balanced and enticing display?

Placed next to necklaces, bracelets, watches or pendant earrings, rings may sometimes look too small or seem less precious. If that happens, it means that the display was not properly set up.

In a window display, ring holders are usually placed at the front, closer to viewers, and slightly detached from other jewelry displays which are probably taller and more cumbersome.

However, this isn’t the only solution. If a client wants to enhance the rings of a collection on display, they can also set up a totally different display or they can use tailored display stands and place them in different positions so that they are not overshadowed by bigger display stands.

Moreover, for a fully targeted display, it is also possible to design counter displays specifically for rings, as is the case of our American Beauty collection.

Ring displays

Highest customization for a tailored design

Ring displays

Ring displays have an extremely customizable design. As already mentioned, our display stands with tab allow the highest customization, but it is possible to choose materials, lines, colors and finishes for the other models, too.

The most commonly used materials are velvet, leatherette and microfiber. The color range is practically endless. Each of these combinations fits a style and conveys a different image. Choosing the most suitable style for a given collection is paramount to win the viewer over.

Ring holders are not only used to physically set up a window display, but they should also enhance and highlight the specific features of each collection. There are no displays that are simply better than others; there are displays that are more suitable than others.

Especially in the case of rings, it is essential to keep in mind the overall harmony of the display, in order to be able to create an elegant and enticing window display every time.

Ring displays