SDJ Packing out in the world, our experience in trade fairs and shows

An international brand in global trade fairs

SDJ Packing, which was originally a local and artisan brand, has now become an international company. We work with clients from all over the world and we always keep up with the latest trends on the international scene.

Entering international markets has allowed us to take part in trade fairs and shows, which are must-go events that help us find out the latest trends in goldsmithing and jewelry-making.

Each trade gives us the opportunity to discuss with our clients and with other exhibitors and to showcase our jewelry displays, which are elegant and prime-quality items.

The latest trends in the gold and jewelry sector

In 2022 alone, we took part in the March and September editions of the VicenzaOro fair, the biggest trade show in Europe as far as gold and jewels are concerned. In April we took part in the Inhorgenta Munich fair, an unmissable event on the international scene. In June we flew to Las Vegas to take part in the 30th edition of the JCK Show.

Each trade fair enriches us and makes us more competitive. Taking part in these trade shows allows us to find out the latest jewelry trends and to get an overview of new display propositions.

An international brand in global trade fairs

Our new trade booth, a new international image for our brand

An international brand in global trade fairs

Taking part in trade fairs also means putting ourselves out there, being noticed by new clients and increasing collaborations. A trade show is the most prestigious way to showcase our products and our work style. It is, therefore, paramount to make a great impression.

As mentioned in our in-depth article about our new brand image, our trade booth has been fully upgraded to be in line with new international outlooks. Our new trade booth allows us to showcase our display stands in the best possible way and to give off a very visually impactful brand image.

The modular, gilded metal grid with ivory shelves and built-in lighting frames and enhances the products without closing them off in static blocks. The exhibition space is wide and bright, catching the attention and providing a fully immersive experience, in perfect SDJ Packing’s style.

Our trade show proposition

Taking part in a trade show is a precious opportunity which, however, requires a lot of preparation. Prior to the trade fair, we analyze the audience taking part in the event for months and we select the most suitable jewelry display stands according to the target market

The display stands that we decide to bring to the trade shows are design pieces that have been selected with the purpose of impressing even passers-by at first glance. We don’t need to fill up the trade booth; all we need to do is showing off the most beautiful and innovative pieces of our collections.

An international brand in global trade fairs
An international brand in global trade fairs

Design window displays, bright colors and contrasting materials

A trade show is the most prestigious way to showcase our products: making the best of it means meeting new international clients and, thus, making new interesting collaborations.

Clients are attracted by our products that are always showcased in spectacular ways. The quality of materials and fabrics is combined with our attention to the design, making for exceptionally prestigious, refined display stands with an unmistakable style.

We use color to catch the attention; the latest trends have been especially focusing on orange and yellow, warm, bright and intense colors. The combination of different materials, especially velvet and leatherette, also creates a charming contrast. The built-in lighting of our trade booth amplifies the effect of colors and textures and creates mesmerizing light effects.

An international brand in global trade fairs
An international brand in global trade fairs

SDJ Packing’s new details

As explained in our article about the materials we use to cover our display stands, metal outlines are highly requested, since they make the display look even more elegant and fresh and can direct the attention to specific areas of the window display.

Plexiglass details, either see-through or colored, also catch the attention of new clients. They can have a metal effect or they can look like carved metal and they can recreate the most original and diverse textures. Therefore, they offer the possibility of a fully customized display.

If one wishes to create an original and easily recognizable backdrop, UV printing or screen-printing textures and patterns looks incredible on backdrops and enhances and frames the products on display.

New clients, new ideas

A trade show allows us to meet new clients. During our first consultation, we can design a specific display stand according to their needs, by using the products on display as a starting point.

In our trade booth we display some standard items that help us providing our clients with an overall idea of the final result. We choose colors and materials together and once the trade show is over, we start working on a detailed render that we can submit to our clients’ approval.

An international brand in global trade fairs
An international brand in global trade fairs

Trade fairs and shows are a very important moment of our work. They are one of the most important ways we have to show and promote our jewelry display stands, but they also allow our brand to grow, since they connect us with clients and professionals from all over the world. They are important opportunities that we never miss out on.