Shoppers, the perfect complement of jewelry packaging

Shoppers, the perfect complement of jewelry packaging

Shoppers are the main accessories of jewelry packaging, as well as actual marketing and promotional tools. They are a must in all jewelry stores and they also represent a valuable investment for the brand, since they are a simple and effective way for the brand to show its logo in places other than their stores.

Shoppers should obviously be practical and functional for customers using them to carry the jewel they have just purchased. Shoppers must be carefully designed down to the smallest details, taking into account that they should be as practical as they are beautiful.

Our shoppers are the result of a design research combined with the highest degree of customization. Size, colors, materials, finishes and shapes – many elements are taken into account when designing the perfect shopper.

When jewelry packaging becomes a marketing tool

Jewelry packaging

It would be a major mistake to consider a shopper nothing but a secondary tool to promote a brand. On one side, jewelry display units and jewelry display stands aim at attracting customers and drive sales, while boxes and pouches complement the product with an elegant packaging.

On the other side, shoppers have two main purposes. The first one is, of course, to protect and wrap the jewel, also allowing customers to carry it around easily. The second purpose is to complement the brand image, so that every detail is taken care of and clients feel pampered.

Unlike all other display stands, shoppers offer public exposure, since they can also be seen outside the jewelry stores.

Window displays can also be noticed by passers-by, their main purpose being to catch their attention. As far as brand awareness is concerned, shoppers have the same purpose as window displays, but they have one advantage: they can be carried around and be seen by many people.

Jewelry packaging

The logo, the brand essence

Jewelry packaging

The logo plays an essential role in jewelry packaging and especially in shoppers. It is placed in the most eye-catching area. It is, therefore, essential to implement a fully dedicated design project to make sure that each logo looks its best.

The logo can be printed using many different techniques. UV printing allows obtaining embossed or engraved details that can be both glossy and matte, as well as specific texture effects that recall the brand or the packaging.

The logo placement, the size and different printing effects are agreed upon with the customer on an individual basis, in order to obtain a customized result that is fully in line with the brand values.

Materials, colors and size

The most commonly used material for shoppers is without any doubt paper. Thanks to different processing methods, paper can have a fiber weave effect, a glossy effect, an iridescent effect or a smooth look.

And we all know very well that color is absolutely necessary for brand recall. That is why we will print shoppers with Pantone colors, if we do not have paper with the exact hue requested by the client.

Moreover, we can print side gussets in a different color to add depth to the shopper, or use a different hue for the inside to create a visually impactful color contrast.

Size is fully customizable, too. Apart from standard measurements and models, we can also design and make tailormade shoppers with specific shapes and measurements.

Jewelry packaging
Jewelry packaging

There aren’t any fixed rules on size or number of models we can prototype. The only thing to keep in mind is that shoppers should perfectly hold the corresponding box.

A shopper that is too small could get damaged or damage the box it contains and the box could get lost in a shopper that is too big.

It is, therefore, important that each shopper be proportional to the corresponding box. Customers can decide whether they wish to order only one shopper that suits all boxes or several different versions, one for each kind of box.

Ribbon kinds that can fit different styles

The kind of ribbon used on a shopper determines the style and personality of the shopper bag itself. A glossy or iridescent satin ribbon stands for luxury and sophistication, while a matte or colorful ribbon suits a trendy brand or a seasonal collection with a distinctive, signature color.

A classic torchon ribbon is ideal for elegant and sophisticated brands, while the grosgrain ribbon is mainly used for ecofriendly or minimalist projects.

Jewelry packaging

A matching packaging

Jewelry packaging

Each collection should come with matching jewelry packaging. Shoppers match boxes both in terms of size – as we have already mentioned – and style.

Boxes and shoppers should convey the same sensations and values. The materials and textures may be different at times, like for instance a paper shopper combined with a soft leatherette box, but the final effect should always look consistent and harmonious.

Color, as well as the logo print, should be the same or should be matching. If the box comes with a ribbon, the ideal solution would be to apply the same ribbon to the shopper, too. By doing so, these details catch the attention of clients and convey precious information on the brand and collection.

Jewelry packaging is a fundamental element to promote a jewelry collection. In particular, shoppers are actual marketing tools that guarantee great brand exposure.

Designing visually impactful shoppers, which are also practical, comfortable and functional, is, therefore, paramount to convey the brand’s values in the best possible way.

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