Showing jewelry in an elegant and effective way? That’s how we do it!

Showing jewelry in an elegant and effective way

Analyze customer needs and understand the items to be displayed

To be able to really satisfy your customers, first of all, is necessary understand what are their real and concrete needs, as to propose customized solutions in line with the brand and suitable for the product to be exhibited.

The projects that SDJ Packing studies and proposes, arise from the strong collaboration between the sales team, which collects the customer’s ideas, and the product and design development team, which has the task of understanding the peculiarities of the articles and finding the right communication key, maximizing the impact of the brand.

A passion for elegance, attention to detail and beautiful things done well, combined with the ability to listen and explain the needs of our customers, allow us today to create tailor-made products, designed and studied to specific needs


Once you understand the needs, you proceed with the drafting of the first ideas until the realization of the definitive model

The creative and production process involves various steps: study, design, prototyping, customization up to quality control. The creation of a prototype allows us to better understand the production process, how to make it as lean and fluid as possible.

Developing a prototype is not only to create a concrete object that meets the visual attention of our customer, but to create a real test product that can present and demonstrate the functionality and design of the final product.

The perfect display must know how to enhance the jewelry and collections to be exhibited more and more often we are required to create ad custom display for products or reference targets. The key is to balance materials, design, colors and geometric shapes of the display to the product that will be the main character.


Essential to know is how attract the attention of the consumer with color/shape games and designs expertly combined

Displays must have an important impact, which must needs to go hand in hand with functionality and practicality of use.

Jewellery must be presented clearly and cleanly

Our SDJ Packing team is constantly looking for that refined harmony that inextricably links shapes, colors and styles, reserving the place of importance to the products, real protagonists of the display. This is the challenge we face every day: to look for innovative materials, captivating shapes and experiments that in every way improve the visibility of the jewelry they welcome.

Design is important because it acts as a support to jewelry, enhancing its character. More the design is vibrant, fresh and current, more the jewelry benefits

For this reason it’s very important to constantly seek in each display a mix of good taste and aesthetic sense. The result is often a real scenario that frames the jewel itself and that, in addition to responding to the needs of containment and display, enriched the products, with a refined and elegant style.

In general, displays made by SDJ are never composed of a single material, but are a set of different textures that give movement and create interesting and original contrasts


For example, to enhance a necklace, the choice of the neck is essential.

The necks are the best element to highlight the quality and beauty of the jewels on display. The type and length of the necklaces require to consider several elements that guarantee a certain aesthetic balance around the neck that makes it a display; the choice in this case varies from fabric models, sophisticated in natural or modern nuances in bright colors, which are combined with models of more classic elegance.


Not only the display needs to attract attention, but it is also necessary to know how to propose jewelry in stores through the use of trays, display trays and cardboards, to give a well-recognizable identity to the brand. 

Thanks to an extensive catalog full of trays, display trays and boards, SDJ Packing accompanies the customer in the exhibition of his jewelry products with quality and functional supports

In fact, these supports have a double advantage of use: from an aesthetic point of view, they further enhance jewelry, while from a practical point of view, they are fundamental to keep and preserve them.

Even during the shows these tools are able to enhance the characteristics of jewelry thanks to their versatility and ease of use based on products.

Having met the aesthetic requirements of the Brand’s style, it should not be underestimated that these tools are also versatile and useful in different circumstances.What is beautiful is functional and what is also functional is beautiful: both are essential aspects to create the perfect coordinated packaging in jewelry.