Tailor made in practice: the display for amen

Elegance, creativity and innovation: the elements that make packaging a real design object.

We constantly perfect our artistic and design skills to create unique and customized displays, able to best express the personality of your brand. We produce exclusive displays that go far beyond simple customization.

Tailor made: a deep connection with the customer

The tailor made has always been a central part of our work, where communication with the customer and understanding of needs play a decisive role.

We listen to requests, ideas and preferences to get to know the brand and understand the essence of the collection and individual jewels. We search for the most suitable lines, materials and nuances step by step to create the perfect showcase.

Rotoli gioielli

This is how the latest AMEN display took shape, conceived for the setting up of the new single-brand store.


AMEN. The single-brand store

Exhibiting a jewel or a collection is never trivial: the harmony of colors, the balance of lines, the right arrangement are all essential factors. Precisely for this reason, in a single-brand store the choice of showcases and display stands becomes even more important.

For the Amen brand we have realized an original and specific jewelry display that takes up the concept of the new store: from the shapes to the material, to the shades, everything has been designed according to a stylistic evolution compared to the displays of the traditional stores.

Rotoli gioielli

The pastel colors - sage green and gray blue - mixed with the bright cream enhance the refinement of this showcase and produce a chromatic harmony that perfectly matches the general image of the store.

In addition to the colors, the choice of upholstery has been accurate and carefully selected: the combination of a fine leatherette with the softness of microfiber gives movement and dynamism. Finally, the insertion of metal profiles makes the display sophisticated and modern.

Rotoli gioielli
Rotoli gioielli

Study, passion and professionalism

The creation of tailor-made displays requires an in-depth study of the brand and its needs. Not just that: to develop a realistic project it is essential to know where the display will be placed and in which type of store.

Designing and conceiving a project from scratch is a challenge, in which creativity, passion and professionalism are mixed (blended). However, the goal remains the same: to guarantee (ensure) a harmonious and balanced presentation that enhances and enriches the identity of your jewels.