The new display trends: metal edges and overlapping backdrops

Le nuove tendenze dell’esposizione

When jewelry displays are combined in perfect harmony, they create an elegant and eye-catching arrangement that makes for a well-designed window display.

It isn’t just a matter of combining the display stands and placing them rationally: setting up a window display requires an in-depth analysis of the brand and of the store, a high aesthetic appeal and a detailed knowledge of the latest relevant trends.

Metal edges and overlapping backdrops are new trends in jewelry displays, adding a touch of sophistication and style to all collections. Let’s take a look at them in more details.

How do you design the perfect window display?

As analyzed in our article about the design of window displays, each window display should be unique and unmistakable, in order to convey the identity of the collection and the brand values.

The window display, which consists of a base, the display stands and a backdrop, should be clear, understandable, consistent and pleasant. The logo, the brand essence, is the starting point of our designs whose aim is also elevating the stores. That’s why we carefully analyze each store before we design the window displays.

The new display trends
The new display trends

So, the logo and store are fundamental, but so is clarity. When we place all the jewelry displays in the window, we should take the point of view of the audience and arrange the display in such a way as to build a complete, dynamic, lively and eye-catching composition.

In order to do so, we combine intense colors and high-quality materials to grab the viewers’ attention and create increasingly interesting contrasts. However, two new entries that we can also use to display all kinds of collection in an elegant and creative way are metal edges and plexiglass panels.

Metal edges and plexiglass elements for unique window displays

Metal edges are an extremely versatile solution allowing us to customize a window display. They are available in all colors, since they are individually lacquered with either a glossy or matte finishing depending on the display needs. Plexiglass can also be lacquered in all colors and it can either have a metal or flat color finish.

Metal edges can either be simple and linear, or carved with geometrical patterns that are consistent with the logo’s style and whose purpose is enhancing the jewels on display.

Besides the color and shape, the client can also decide how thick the metal edges should be. In order to make the right choice, two elements should be taken into account: the final visual effect and the weight of the window display.

The new display trends
The new display trends

The edges should add some movement and fluidity to the display, but edges that are too thick can end up having the opposite effect, making the window display too cumbersome, static and not dynamic at all. That’s why we use 2-mm laser-cut metal to make textures and carvings.

Furthermore, metal greatly affects the window display’s weight, which should not be overlooked especially in the case of displays with shelves. An excessive weight also implies higher shipping costs and, over time, could end up breaking the base.

Plexiglass is remarkably lighter than metal. For jewelry displays, both metal and plexiglass can be good options, but in the case of full or very thick panels it would be best to opt for plexiglass.

Let’s not forget that metal edges, whether they are coupled with plexiglass panels or not, can be shaped in any way we like and are, therefore, perfectly suited for fully tailormade solutions.

Lines can be either soft and sinuous, or straight and clear cut: it all depends on the balance of the window display and the collection style. The only golden rule that you should follow to make memorable displays is finding the right balance.

The new display trends

Our window display for Excellent Jewelry

The new display trends

As mentioned in our article about the Excellent Jewelry case study, we have designed for this Dutch brand a window display perfectly matching the brand. The logo style is mirrored in the backdrop, where golden metal edges create a geometrical texture with a minimal look over transparent plexiglass.

We are particularly proud of this window display, which is also one of the first displays that we have made using the texture and carving technique. As a matter of fact, the client completely trusted our idea and this encouraged us to apply this technique to other window displays, too, such as the Levante display with a metal texture in a double-layered backdrop.

Edges on overlapping layers

Besides metal edges, overlapping backdrops on multiple layers are another hot trend of this past year. The backdrop is the element that immediately catches the attention and making it double creates a very interesting effect that can direct the viewer’s eye to several areas of the display.

Backdrops placed on two layers create a mesmerizing set for the displays that are further enhanced by this new perspective. The customization level, is once again, at its highest: each project can be fully tailormade.

The new display trends
The new display trends

Metal edges and overlapping backdrops are the most interesting trends in window displays. They create movement and contrast with the materials and colors of jewelry displays and immediately convey a sense of care and attention. In order to display jewels, we need creativity, taste and style: metal edges and overlapping backdrops are the ideal solution!