The perfect packaging for high-end jewelry

Il logo, un elemento essenziale per la presentazione dei gioielli

Jewelry packaging plays an essential role in enhancing jewels. Whether it be pouches or boxes, display stands must not only keep the precious jewels safe and protected, but also reflect their style and interpret their identity. The situation is slightly more complex in the case of shoppers, since shoppers are an actual promotion and marketing tool that increase the visibility of the brand on the streets.

Today we are going to focus on jewelry boxes that are essential to complement a precious gift. As mentioned, jewelry boxes, just like every other display stand, revolve around the jewels and must enhance them, creating the perfect harmony in terms of lines, colors and materials.

To each jewel its box

A jewelry box must enhance the splendor of jewels, but it can only do so if it is perfectly in tune with the precious jewel it contains. As a matter of fact, a jewelry box should have the same defining style as the jewels or else it will make for a discordant final result.

Different collections require different jewelry boxes: a classic line will obviously be presented differently than a trendy, cutting-edge collection. Of course, high-quality materials, elegant lines and eye-catching colors are essential, but they only matter if the display stand and the precious jewel are perfectly combined.

perfect packaging for high-end jewelry

Evolution, the most refined line for prestigious collections

perfect packaging for high-end jewelry

So, which jewelry boxes suit prestigious collections, that might come with diamonds or precious stones, the most?

As mentioned in our article about the different models of jewelry cases, jewelry boxes can be divided in simple jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes with drawers and a side tab or hinged-lid jewelry boxes.

Given how important collections with precious stones and diamonds are, it would be best to steer clients towards more structured display stands that are capable of handling the “personality” of a more prestigious collection. Among all our lines, Evolution is without any doubt the most suited one.

Evolution boxes are conceived to have the most refined finishes, details and design. As pointed out in the article dedicated to the comparison between Essential, Icon and Evolution, the latter stands out because of its sophisticated, absolutely impeccable finishes.

perfect packaging for high-end jewelry

Jewelry and jewelry boxes, the perfect duo

perfect packaging for high-end jewelry

Among all the different Evolution series, Makayla and Myrea are able to beautifully showcase even the most precious jewels currently on the market. They both come with refined carving and push-button closures, while their shapes, although equally elegant, are slightly different: the former has a rounder shaper, while the latter a rather boxy one.

Wedding rings also need a specific jewelry packaging that can underline how important these precious symbols truly are. The recommended options are the Mykita series with linear edges, rounded corners and a central push button resembling a doorknob and the Deja series with a lid and slightly hidden contrast edges.

For young and trendy collections with important jewels, the hexagonal-shaped Freya series is the freshest and funniest option.

In the case of men’s collection, the Aurora and Alisa series are top sellers thanks to their exposed seams that can come in a different color than the covering material, and that make the jewelry boxes appear very elegant and unique.

The Aurora and the Kira series are highly requested because they come with multi-purpose pads that were specifically designed for earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings.

perfect packaging for high-end jewelry

Finishes, colors and materials

perfect packaging for high-end jewelry

Jewelry cases of the Evolution line embody the most refined and elegant jewelry packaging there is. They can be jewelry boxes with lid (Olimpia, Kira, Deja and Freya) and with a push-button closure. The outside covering material can be cotton canvas, leatherette, microfiber or velvet, whereas paper, which is suited for simpler projects, is never used.

It is also possible to choose among a wide range of materials and colors for internal lining. A very interesting option is creating a color contrast between the interior and exterior and perhaps enrich it with carving in the case of the most prestigious series.

To conclude, the Evolution series is perfect for precious collections including jewels with precious stones and diamonds or wedding rings. There are rather classic lines, as well as models that can suit trendy jewels and perfectly match the latest trends. What’s common to all our jewelry boxes, though, is their refined design, the prime-quality material and their prestigious finishes.

Evolution boxes are sophisticated jewelry boxes that look great also in deeper and darker hues. As a matter of fact, their personality can also suit more intense colors which simpler jewelry boxes usually struggle with. When jewelry packaging becomes jewelry.

perfect packaging for high-end jewelry