Trade fairs and shows: how to carry and display jewels

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Trade fairs are a very important moment for the gold and jewelry industries. During these events each collection must be displayed and enhanced in the best way: there are many brands and even the tiniest detail must be taken care of in order to win over the guests.

The displays that are brought to trade fairs play a fundamental role. Jewelry trays and jewelry rolls must be designed with the highest care in order to prove themselves practical and handy for trade representatives, while providing the best presentation of the collection.

Trade fair displays: which are the most important features?

We need to pay extra attention when we carry jewels around. Trade representatives have different needs than jewelry stores; they use jewelry rolls and jewelry trays to keep the jewels safe and show them off, since they provide compact and practical solutions.


The first requirement is safety. That’s why all our display stands are fitted with very trustworthy closures and joints to prevent the accidental loss of any piece.

Moreover, the inside linings are made of a smooth and soft material that prevents any scratches even in the case of very delicate jewels.

Jewelry rolls
Jewelry rolls

Sturdy structure and covering materials

Trade fair displays, unlike displays for jewelry stores, are subjected to wear and tear since they pass through many hands and are transported in trolleys. It is, therefore, essential to choose prime-quality, sturdy and long-lasting tools, and to carefully choose the right materials for the exterior covering.

As mentioned in our article about leatherette, this material is the ideal choice for trade fair jewelry rolls, since it is resistant to wear and tear and scratches, it has a high aesthetic appeal and it is available in a wide range of colors and special effects and textures.

Handy and light-weight

Trade show representatives need to have the whole collection readily available. Therefore, the most suitable displays are those allowing to showcase all jewels at the same time, so as to efficiently communicate the brand identity and drive sales.

Being able to have tailor-made jewelry rolls and trays is fundamental in this case: if trade representatives are not forced to lose time untangling several displays and they can focus on just one jewelry display instead, their presentation will surely turn out to be more elegant and overall smoother.

Jewelry rolls
Jewelry rolls


Trade shows are unmatched opportunities to present a brand and it is, therefore, essential to play the trump card: each jewel must be placed in the right slot and must create an overall balance with the whole collection.

Jewelry trays and purse rolls, which we will see later on and which are also used very often for trade fairs, come with interior pads that can be arranged in different ways, making them very versatile. Designing the pads is a fundamental step which determines which kind of jewels will be displayed and the final effect on viewers. We at SDJ Packing take care of all of this down to the smallest detail to provide our clients with the highest customization degree.

Jewelry rolls: which are the most suitable models for trade fairs?

Our jewelry rolls are practical, functional and elegant and can display each type of jewel. As mentioned, when we compared soft, rigid and purse rolls, each model has different features and strengths and we are going to pick one rather than another depending on our specific display needs.

Purse rolls have undoubtedly interesting features for trade shows. They are compact, not cumbersome, versatile and easy to transport even in a carry-on luggage if we travel by flight, which are all essential requirements for trade representatives. The bigger model can hold as many as 15 pads and can showcase a wide jewel sample case.

They can hold many jewels in interior pads with squares, straps, tabs, hooks and elastic bands. Each kind of jewel can have its specific pad; in this case the collection is not arranged in a dynamic way, like in a store window, but it is rather sorted by jewel category.

Jewelry rolls
Jewelry rolls

Mixed jewelry rolls give you the opportunity to display the whole collection at the same time, putting different jewels once next to another, in order to create a complete, varied and impactful arrangement.

Rigid jewelry rolls mainly hold one kind of jewel at the time – rings, bracelets or watches – but they can perfectly display them in an orderly and neat way. They take up very little space, they can be easily stacked and they keep the collection tidy and as safe as possible.

Trays: from designing to displaying at trade fairs

Even in the case of jewelry trays, different transportation and display needs imply the use of specific models rather than others.

I-Light trays are ideal for trade fairs, since they are extremely light-weight and handy, which implies reduced transportation costs and an exceptional usability by representatives.

Display trays, such as mixed rolls, are designed to display a complete collection and to highlight jewels by creating a valuable frame all around them. They are tailor designed for each collection and according to the specific requests of customers, which, in the case of trade fairs, are even more precise.

Let’s not forget that it is essential to set up a display that does not confuse viewers, but rather catches their attention with its perfectly balanced harmony.

Jewelry rolls
Jewelry rolls

To sum it up, jewelry trays and jewelry rolls for trade fairs must be practical, functional and elegant, even more than those for jewelry stores. Trade representatives need practical and handy displays and, even more importantly, the collection must be highlighted with the highest care to win over viewers.

Trade shows are an opportunity to show themselves off and brands need valuable stands to be noticed. That’s why we at SDJ Packing provide our clients with prime-quality, sturdy and long-lasting displays which are available in a wide range of colors and materials, as well as the highest customization level.