Velvet, a precious material for jewelry fashion

Velvet, a precious material

As far as jewelry displays are concerned, there is no such thing as too much attention to detail. As a matter of fact, these display stands are not only actual tools for jewelry stores, that allow jewels to shine bright, but they’re also actual design pieces.

A properly manufactured display stand is beautiful even when it’s empty. Its ability to interpret the style and the identity of the collection should not overshadow its aesthetic value.

That’s why we at SDJ Packing pay the greatest attention to the design and manufacture of our display stands. In order to do so, we start by carefully selecting the materials we work with: we never compromise on the quality of our covering materials.

Choosing materials and suppliers carefully

We have a background in craftsmanship which allows us to adopt a unique approach to every project we work on, which we combine with an extremely high expertise and the greatest customer care.

Our designers choose the most interesting trends and the most enticing colors, while our production lines take care of manufacturing in compliance with very high-quality standards. However, none of this would matter without prime-quality materials.

That’s why we personally select all our suppliers and the materials for our designs and we carry out inhouse leakage and wear and tear tests.


Velvet, a material conveying luxury and charm


As previously mentioned, when we talked about the covering materials of our jewelry display stands, velvet is a refined material with an unmistakable texture.

The selected yarns determine the glossiness and softness of the fabric, and the original quality allows the fabric to be used for a long time. To sum it up, a high-quality covering material is more beautiful and more resistant and it guarantees a long-lasting display stand that can enhance jewels in the best possible way.

Furthermore, velvet is a stretchy material which means that it is ideally suited even for smaller jewelry displays or displays with more complex shapes, which is actually extremely difficult to achieve with thicker and rigid materials such as cotton canvas or satin.

The perfect covering for jewelry displays and much more

Velvet is by nature glossy, soft and refined, while being sturdy and versatile at the same time. Thanks to its features, it is often used to make jewelry packaging for pouches, coverings for precious boxes or it might also be used to make pads, pillow pads and display trays that have a high visual impact.

Display trays and boxes, in particular, are big enough to undergo another finishing process. As a matter of fact, these display stands can be enriched and made even more precious and unforgettable by the use of contrasting materials.

We at SDJ Packing advise our clients to use luxurious velvet to envelop jewels and create a spectacular contrast, by combining it with leatherette or microfiber.


A precious texture enriched by color


In our in-depth article about trends for the next season and the colors of fall/winter 22-23, we saw that big fashion houses have chosen once again bright and shiny colors, as well as new deep hues full of personality.

Among others, amethyst purple, emerald green and ruby red were selected for the most prestigious catwalks. These are the colors, along with black and ultramarine blue, that look the best in combination with velvet.

The soft texture and long fibers create, as a matter of fact, a visual effect intensifying the colors and making them appear even deeper and more mesmerizing.

On the contrary, the “wrinkled” texture we use in some of our display trays has quite an eccentric allure that is enhanced by pastel colors or, in the case of youth collections and trendy items, acidic colors.


Velvet is the most versatile material in our selection. It is sturdy, stretchy, soft and pleasant to the eye and to the touch. A velvet-covered display stand provides a sensory experience that you can enjoy with more than just your eyes.

Its soft and fluffy texture makes it the ideal covering material for the most sophisticated and elegant jewelry displays. This material has always symbolized luxury and aristocracy in history and it has not lost any of its charm and mystery over time.