Window displays for jewels, displaying with style

Window displays for jewels, displaying with style

Window displays are jewelry displays serving a double function: they make for an elegant and consistent display of the collection and they are actual furnishing accessories which can be placed both on a jewelry’s counter and straight in the shop’s window.

Window displays for jewels are highly customizable. Size, colors and coverings can be tailor-made, and the number, type and placement of different display stands can also be customized.

Window displays usually include three elements: the base, the backdrop and several selected display stands. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

The base, the stage on which jewels perform

The base of a window display is an absolutely essential element to create an efficient display. The display can be arranged in two ways:

  • Base with backdrop
  • Base without backdrop

The display is fully scalable and adjustable, and includes different bases with several colors, sizes and heights depending on the collections and jewels on display. One can decide how many bases to use and how to arrange them for each individual case. By using the bases in a scalable way, it is also possible to play around with shapes and colors, in order to find the perfect balance for the collection.

jewelry display

Two bases can be put on top of each other or a display stand, usually the one of the most important jewels in the collection, can be placed outside of the base, directly on the surface, to catch viewers’ eye.

jewelry display

Furthermore, in order to achieve an especially dynamic display inside a shop, one can combine bases with a backdrop with bases without a backdrop. By doing so, the collection is even more highlighted and looks more dynamic, and thus more impressive.

Depending on the number of jewels, and as a consequence the number of display stands, one can choose between a small, medium or big base. Height is also very important. SDJ Packing has also designed some bases – such as for instance, the Marissa gold window display – that are especially thick, so as to literally raise the jewels on display.

The base, as well as the backdrop and all display stands, can be lacquered or covered and the different finishes can also create nice contrasts.

Some bases have contrast borders, some have inserts made of a different material, such as for example metal which makes for a particularly modern design. In this case, the backdrop has the same features as the base, in order to create a window display with an absolutely unmistakable and immediately recognizable style.

Jewelry displays, the beating heart of window displays

Besides being beautiful and suitable for the jewels on show, jewelry displays must create an elegant and well-balanced final effect.

Necklace display stands

One can use bust display stands, wedge displays, slotted displays, which can be straight or curved according to the design one wishes to go for, or displays with a removable pad, which are ideal for pendant necklaces.

The only thing we recommend is not placing two display busts in the same window display. The display should be rich, but not too much. If you want to enhance a necklace, you should rather choose a different-colored bust for it.

jewelry display
jewelry display

Bracelet displays

Each bracelet requires a specific display stand. The cylinder displays with a base or the flat and tilted displays are ideal for soft bracelets, while rigid cylinder displays are suitable for rigid bracelets.

Horizontal, lined displays are especially suitable for tennis bracelets and pillow pad displays are ideal for any kind of bracelet and they make the window display look more sophisticated and the display livelier and more dynamic.

Earring displays

There are many possibilities: L-shaped displays, T-bar stands or bridge-shaped stands or even pierced display stands or earring stands with flap. Displaying earrings and a necklace on one display stand is also a very elegant solution.

A particularly refined solution to display pendant earrings is the case-like, padded display which can ideally be placed at the foot of the necklace matching the earrings.

jewelry display
jewelry display

Ring displays

There are three main solutions: cylinder displays, boxes (with different heights, individual or double) with covered tabs or the tilted base with tab, which ideally suits a minimalist design and which takes up less space on the base and has less of a visual impact than a tall display.

It is all about arranging the jewelry displays according to the collection’s overall balance.


The backdrop is the vertical panel bearing the logo, standing behind the displays. Although some window displays do not include a backdrop, it is, nonetheless, an element that immediately turns heads.

The backdrop is ideal for very high-level jewelry shops and for particularly precious collections. It is inserted in the designated slot on the base and it can be taller or shorter so as to fit in smaller spaces, such as inside pieces of furniture or on the jewelry’s shelves. 

It can come in many shapes and it can be squared or rounded. Furthermore, it can be as wide as the whole base or cover just the middle part and it can come with rounded angles to have a softer and sinuous design or with a mirrored metal outline for a more contemporary style.

In terms of manufacturing and finishes, it can go from a simple flat panel to a backdrop with a frame or with a contrast outline so as to create a stage-like effect, to a model with rounded sides that seems to embrace the whole collection, enhancing the jewels on display.

Instead of the visually impactful classic backdrop, one could also go for the window sign. It is extremely versatile and it can be changed many times depending on the collections.

Moreover, no slot is required for the window sign, but rather just steel runners which are placed behind the base and not on top of it, so as to leave the “stage” to the jewels.

Each backdrop can be designed so as to become an actual furnishing and design object which can lend the shop great taste and character.

The backdrop can evoke the lines of the collections or their signature themes, thus creating the perfect balance between esthetics and functionality with the jewels on display.

jewelry display

It can complement the space in a harmonious way and much more. Thanks to innovative and cutting-edge techniques, such as the design of backdrops in engraved metal with a texture, the backdrop is able to create areas in the shop which inevitably end up catching all the attention

One example above all is the patterns layered on plexiglass panels, which create a 3D effect; this is a display stand which will surely turn heads.

Arranging a window display with the most suitable jewelry displays is no easy feat. It is not enough to place each jewel on the most suitable display, one must also find an overall harmony and the perfect balance.