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How to realize the perfect showcase

When we design a showcase for our customers, we first analyze the needs and the type of jewelry to display.

This analysis does not stop, of course, at a quantitative evaluation, but thanks to an exchange of ideas and considerations with the customer we try to understand which of the products to be exhibited have a higher percentage of sales and therefore which, for brand needs or by type, take more space in the showcase.

The shapes that compose the set can be squared or rounded, depending on the preference or trend of the moment.

For colors we generally start from the main ones of the brand we are working with, and combining together the various textures and nuances, we pursue the goal of creating compositions that, not only are dynamic, but also harmonious, so to avoid flat designs and make the exposed product stand out.

Last element but not less important, which allows us to create a balanced, elegant and sophisticated showcase, is knowing how to alternate the various components in the proper way, in order to attract attention to it.