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Factories in Italy
and Asia

Thanks also to the possibility of shipping from factories in Italy and Asia, SDJ PACKING can optimise the available resources, combining business experience with knowledge of the most advanced technologies, to help clients gain competitive and long-lasting advantages.

We value our clients,
assisting them with their objectives.


We’ll take care
of everything


SDJ’s intelligent Logistics system allows it to be efficient and ready to respond to the needs of clients and suppliers: nothing is left to chance.

Once production is completed, the client is offered complete management of shipments to and from any destination worldwide, efficiently and at competitive prices.

Clients can rely on SDJ logistics for the management and optimisation of the tracking and documentation processes of goods transit, as well as verifying compliance with regulatory constraints.


To guarantee deliveries on schedule and without unexpected events, the specialised staff directly follow all phases: materials management, warehouse systems, the handling and packaging phases, order preparation, stock and transport organisation and all necessary information exchange between the various players in the supply and distribution chain.

If unforeseen events and technical difficulties occur, SDJ PACKING will find quick and effective solutions to guarantee business operations.