Box or clutch bag: a choice of style

Boxes and clutches are essential to complete a precious gift. The jewelry packaging , in fact, serves not only to package, but also to enhance the identity of the collection with a functional and elegant frame.

But what are the differences between box and clutch? What elements should guide the choice? Let’s see it together.

An elegant package perfectly matched to the jewel

Packaging must package the precious in the most suitable way, namely:

  • Must be proportionate to the size and importance of the jewel
  • Must reflect its style and identity

Regarding the first point, it is good to make a distinction between size and importance. The box or clutch must first be the right size. Caution: packaging that is too small does not do the jewel justice, while one that is too large risks overpowering.

Let’s turn to importance. Jewelry does not all have the same weight. A small bracelet with colorful charms does not have the same impact as a diamond necklace. Packaging for jewelry should maintain the same standard: a simple, flat, cloth clutch bag is fine for the bracelet. For the diamond necklace you will need a package that is up to the mark, such as a box set with an elaborate line, a rich lining such as velvet, and special finishing touches such as contrasting piping.

Let us now look at the second point: the packaging must interpret the style and identity of the jewelry, in perfect harmony and total consistency. As we have already seen in our in-depth look at various box models , the size of the box is a “must” choice, while particular lines, colors, materials and finishes must be selected with the utmost care.

At SDJ Packing, we believe that customization is the key to success. All of our boxes and clutches are 100 percent customizable in both the outer linings and inner pads to offer each customer the right, tailor-made solution.

A powerful marketing tool

The logo is an indispensable element of all packaging. Shoppers are the best example: customers physically carry around the brand name and symbol, furthering its spread and promotion.

Even boxes and clutches, however, can tell the story and values of the brand through a visual and tactile experience that evokes emotions and feelings. Packaging is the element of first contact between the customer and the brand: convincing at first glance is crucial.

How to choose the best packaging solution?

As we have said, the size of the jewel is the first discriminator as well as the only mandatory choice. Then the weight, value, and importance of the jewel must be considered.

Budget also needs to be considered. Obviously, a little paper box has a very different cost from a 4.0 clutch bag. Let’s say that, as a general rule, the investment on packaging should be directly proportional to the value of the jewelry: simple silver rings and gold bracelets with gemstones deserve a different spending approach.

Once we have narrowed the field, we need to select-or design from 0-the solution that best reflects the style of the collection. Every element must be taken into account, from the material of the coverings to the color shade, from thetactile effect of different textures to the shapes, whether soft and rounded or sharp and modern.

Box and clutch bag?

Boxes and clutches are extremely different but equally valid variants for jewelry packaging . The choice depends mainly on the value of the jewelry to be packed, but it is impossible to determine exactly which jewelry requires the box and which requires the clutch.

Consider also that the range of options available for both box and clutch is really wide. Both the small cardboard box and the rigid box-like case with special finishes and coverings in different colors and materials are box. Equally, both the flat cloth pouch and the leatherette handbag with zipper and tassel fall into the clutch category.

However, it is possible to define some substantial differences between the two types of packaging. Let’s see what they are.


In general, the boxes are more valuable solutions, especially in the more elaborate models with fine finishes, such as those in the Evolution line to which we have devoted an in-depth article.

They are especially suitable for larger and more valuable jewelry, which-in a hard package-is at no risk of being wasted.


There are so many types of clutch bags, but we can hardly achieve the level of luxury and value offered by some of the boxes with this solution.

Unlike boxes, clutch bags are not rigid packages. While this takes away some of the prestige, it can become an advantage in some cases, primarily online sales. Sending a light, soft and space-saving envelope is undoubtedly more convenient!

In conclusion, box and clutch bags are two solutions of jewelry packaging different but equally valid. There is no one model that is better than the other, only the most suitable for different needs. The important thing is to find the packaging that can interpret and enhance the identity of the jewelry. Only then will we have created a truly elegant and functional frame.

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