New Design Trends: A Tailored Approach

Our company, with years of experience in developing custom media and luxury packaging, has the privilege of working with some of the best jewelry stores and brands in the industry. In this article, we will explore new design trends based on our experience in creating custom displays and boxes for the CRUSADO brand.

Bold Geometries and Design

These distinctive designs create a strong visual impact, immediately attracting customers’ attention.

Complex geometries not only add an element of modernity and innovation, but can also be used to create a dynamic and layered display, highlighting jewelry from different angles

From Hand Sketches to 3D Prototyping

Our style department begins by creating hand sketches, which are then digitized to present the client with a first draft of the design.

This process allows clear and precise visualization of the project.

After that we move on to 3D printing through which our office is able to produce prototypes that provide a tangible representation of the display before final production.

This approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the storefront, but also offers interactivity that can engage customers more.

Customization and Craftsmanship

Customization remains one of the strongest trends in jewelry display case design.

Custom displays, created to reflect brand identity and highlight unique collections, are in high demand.

Our experience in making custom displays has taught us that every detail counts, from the use of fine materials to the craftsmanship in production.

Sensory Experience

In addition to the visual aspect, modern storefronts aim to engage customers’ other senses.

The use of tactile textures and materials such as leatherette and microfiber creates a complete sensory experience that can increase the attractiveness of the jewelry on display and enhance the overall customer experience.

Jewelry display case design is an art that combines aesthetics, technology and craftsmanship. Current trends in window design reflect a balance of bold geometries, minimalist elegance and technological innovation. Our company prides itself on being at the forefront of this industry, offering customized solutions that enhance the beauty of jewelry and meet the needs of modern customers.

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