Royal and Supreme. SDJ Packing’s new necklace busts.

Displaying jewelry in a harmonious and elegant way helps to make it even more special and enhance its uniqueness. Of all jewelry, necklaces are the ones that require the most attention when displaying.

Therefore, for each piece of jewelry, it is essential to choose a specific and appropriate display that will bring out its details and make it shine. In the display of necklaces, especially, it is essential to reproduce the effect of wearing.

Royal and Supreme: the new necklace busts 2023

Our necklace displays are enriched this year with two new lines: Royal and Supreme. From the need to meet the demands of our customers come two new collections designed to offer modern and original solutions that perfectly match the new trends and contemporary design of jewelry stores.

The Royal and Supreme are the result of extensive studies by our style department. Changing colors, finishes, and shapes results in totally different, versatile, and high-impact displays.

The special aspect of these collections is the choice of material: in fact, resin allows for the best play with design and shapes.

Royal or Supreme?

The Royal line

Royal Displays have soft, curved lines, a sinuous and refined design that allows you to enhance every detail of your necklaces.

The added touch of these stands is undoubtedly the metal pedestal rod, which can be customized with lacquers of different shades.

The Supreme line

The Supreme Line is extremely minimal and clean, with sharper, squarer lines, lending elegance and lightness to the display, focusing attention on the jewelry.

The resin structure is particularly advantageous here, as it allows these displays to be coated with any type of material.

Standard or customized. To every jewel its own display.

Royal and Supreme necklace busts, in their standard version, are objects with great character and strong identity, designed to enhance the jewelry, showcase and brand.

But that’s not all: these two necklace busts can be customized by choosing

  • Coating
  • Color
  • Logo printing

Tailor made has always been a central part of our work, where communication with the client and understanding of needs play a crucial role.

You are looking for a customized project, you have just found the answer to your needs!

Our tailor-made experience is unsurpassed, and we are committed to working closely with the client to ensure that the end result is exactly what they want.

Contacting us is easy. Our team of experts will be happy to start working on the realization of your tailor-made dream.

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