Gioielli di Valenza


Tailor Made
Tailor Made project for Gioielli di Valenza.
The curved and soft lines, together with the pastel-toned microfibre, give a touch of style and delicacy, making the display a true treasure chest of elegance.

Materials and Processing

  • Leatherette
  • Microfiber
  • TIN-LEAF hot print
  • lacquering profiles

How a Tailor Made product born


brief with our customer to define goals, product target, budget


in-house project, design and 3D rendering


prototype creation and sample, also through 3D printing


production startup and logistics management

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Personalize your brand

All items in the SDJ Packing collections include customisation from the minimum order quantity.

Choose the display case, roll, accessory or box that best suits your needs and make it unique by personalizing it with your logo print and choosing from a huge range of coatings and colors.

Tailor Made

In tailor-made projects, SDJ Packing creates solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of clients.

By combining the experience and specialisation of the technical department through a consultancy, we can create your new support dedicated for displaying, presenting or packaging jewellery with elegant leatherette, soft microfibres, shining velvets and many textures, making your packaging exclusive.