How to choose the type of display according to the location in the store

By displaying the jewelry in the most appropriate manner, it can positively influence the customer’s purchase decision. In setting up a jewelry store, it is essential, therefore, to choose the type of jewelry display stand that will best enhance the collection.

To do so, we need to consider the type of store, whether multibrand or single-brand, and the position the jewelry will occupy within it

Multi-brand in-store displays

If the store where our collection will be displayed also holds brands other than our own, it is essential to choose a type of display that clearly differentiates us from others.

We have talked many times about the importance of brand recognition for marketing purposes, and again, being able to be recognized by customers at first glance becomes a priority.

So let’s see how to choose themost suitable display for multi-brand stores, always also considering the position the collection will occupy within the store.

Outdoor showcases to attract attention

The exterior windows of jewelry stores are the magnet element. They are responsible for attracting the customer’s attention even in the distance and holding them on the display as much as possible.

Displays with photographic type fronts, such as window signs, are used for this purpose. The images immediately capture the customer and create a mental connection to the brand, thanks in part to the unfailing presence of the logo on the media. In this way, it creates astriking, very brand-identifying display.

Wall shelves or interior display cases: displays with customized fronts

Inside the store, there will be wall shelves or interior display cases. Our display, therefore, will be placed in narrow and precise spaces. The display must be carefully designed to make the most of all the space available.

In both cases, our brand must be immediately recognizable among others, which is why displays with customized fronts, as well as photographic ones, are recommended.

Customized fronts allow the display to be enriched by making it highly distinctive. Different color combinations, overlapping textures or metal profiles are just some of the solutions that we at SDJ Packing offer as new trends in display.

Essential, in any case, is ad hoc design to make the best use of the exhibition space. As this is a rather small and compact display, , it is crucial that the arrangement of the showcase elements succeeds in exploiting to the millimeter all the space available and enhancing the identity of the brand and the collection.

Countertop displays: an American-style display

This type of scenic display comes from America and goes beyond the traditional concept of a display with a fixed base. Its main characteristic? It offers the possibility of complete customer immersion in the world of jewelry.

In countertop display, a horizontal distribution prevails and that is why the front is not used, which instead has a more vertical development. The use of necklace busts and slightly forward leaning supports emphasize the jewelry by creating a boundless stage.

In Europe, the decision to adopt this type of display is in itself a major brand differentiator given that this trend is slowly spreading and is still not part of the common type of display.

However, the choice of colors and materials-which must enhance the brand’s identity traits-and the presence of the logo in each medium remain important.

Single-brand in-store displays

What changes when the stores where we display our collections are single-brand? Display sets are definitely the most suitable solution.

The customer entering the store already has an interest in our brand’s jewelry. Here it is crucial to emphasize the collections by choosing the best media for each type of jewelry and following the right display rules.

It is also important to create dynamic and varied points of interest that capture the customer’s attention, creating movement through plays of color and using different types of media materials.

Choosing the right type of jewelry displays is really crucial to sales. We always remember that the most suitable medium is the one that helps to enhance the brand and enhance the collection, telling its unique identity.

Choosing it, however, is not always easy: one has to think about the complete customer experience, taking into account the specific position the display occupies within the store and the possible presence of other brands. The logic of the display, as we have seen, must encompass all of these factors in order to provide a display that is truly workmanlike.

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