The three uses of jewelry trays

Our jewelry trays are designed to be versatile first and foremost. They are indispensable media in both jewelry stores and trade shows because they serve a dual purpose: they store jewelry and present it in an elegant and refined manner.

They can therefore be used in different ways: for storage in jewelry stores and for jewelry presentation both at the point of sale and at events. Let’s see it together.

Jewelry storage

Compared to jewelry displays, trays have a considerable advantage: they can be used for presentation, but they can also be easily stored in the vault at the end of the day. Thanks to their compact shape, they take up little space, are stackable, immediately recognizable thanks to the special nameplates, and contain many pieces because the internal arrangement can be organized to make the most rational use of any available space.

The trays, therefore, serve to keep the jewelry safe and in perfect order. They can be stored under the counter, ready for presentation to customers or in the vault. The most important aspect here is the arrangement of the jewelry within the trays.

The internal organization of trays with tabs and pads

Each of our trays is designed with the collection that will be contained in them in mind. Multiple tabs can then be inserted with spaces and pads to accommodate any type of precious, either in single-article collections (necklaces only, earrings only) or for different categories of items.

For the storage of valuables, this is the most important aspect, because it allows a custom-made tray to be created for the specific collection. In fact, the internal boards are customizable and multifunctional to best suit different needs.

Jewelry presentation

I jewelry trays are also used to present jewelry to customers and therefore should be designed to enhance the collection and promote sales. Thus, theaesthetic aspect is crucial, not only the functionalaspect of organizing storage space.

Display trays, from presentation trays to window displays

As we saw in our in-depth look at display trays, with these hybrid and extremely versatile holders we can display jewelry with class and elegance in a window or countertop display without sacrificing the convenience of a compact and handy case.

The display trays are designed to present a complete collection and enhance the valuables with a prestigious frame. At the same time, these trays can be closed and transported very conveniently because each precious one is secured in its own compartment. Jewelry trays, therefore, perfect in all respects.

We would also like to remind you that display trays are custom-made for different collections and based on specific customer requirements. Each individual medium is uniquely designed, because there are no fixed rules or predetermined forms. It all depends on the characteristics of the jewelry and its overall harmony.

Fairs and events

Lightweight, compact, and manageable trays are needed for trade shows, events, and industry events. And as we also saw in the dedicated article, I-Light trays are the ideal support for trade shows.

Their light weight allows the reduction of costs for transportation by shipping while providing exceptional usability for the agent. Besides being extremely handy and convenient to carry, these jewelry trays manage to combine perfect functionality with high aesthetic value.

The display is elegant and refined, but also fully customized thanks to the removable pads inside. Space organization is taken care of to the utmost and always based on the specific collection to be exhibited at the fair. The combinations for presenting jewelry are virtually endless, not to mention the choice of colors and materials, very important tools for communicating the identity of a collection.

How to choose the most suitable materials?

When choosing tray covers for trade shows, it is important to strike the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. If the trays continuously travel between fair and fair, the overriding goal is endurance. The ideal, then, is rigid leatherette, a material that is extremely wear- and scratch-resistant, waterproof, cruelty-free, super versatile, and maintenance-free.

I jewelry trays , in conclusion, serve to

  • The storage of jewelry
  • The presentation
  • The trade fairs

Depending on the specific use and required characteristics, one model will be chosen over the other. As we have seen, our display trays are no match for showcases when it comes to displaying valuables, and I-Light trays are specially designed to meet the needs of agents at trade shows.

If these are the differences, it is always good to point out the commonalities. All our trays are designed in Italy with first-rate materials tested in-house and made with the highest degree of customization to enhance each collection.

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