Trade fairs and industry event: how to transport and present jewelry?

For the gold and jewelry world, trade shows are a very important time. On these occasions, each collection must be presented and enhanced to the best of its ability: there are many brands, and to win over visitors everything must be taken care of down to the smallest detail.

The media that are brought to the fair play a crucial role. I trays and the jewelry rolls must be carefully designed to be convenient and manageable for traveling agents, without detracting from the presentation of the collection.

Supports for trade shows: what are the most important features?

When jewelry travels, some extra care is needed. The needs of agents are different from those of jewelry, and it is incumbent on rolls and trays to protect jewelry and enhance it with compact and practical solutions.


The first requirement is security. That’s why all our mounts are equipped with super-reliable latches and interlocks, which prevent the accidental loss of any piece.

In addition, the inner linings are made of smooth, soft material so as not to scratch even the most delicate jewelry.

Strength of structure and coatings

Trade show stands, unlike those in jewelry, are subject to wear and tear because they pass from hand to hand and are stored in transport trolleys. It is essential, therefore, to choose first-rate, durable and long-lasting solutions and to consider well the type of material for the exterior cladding.

As we saw in our in-depth look at leatherette, the wear and scratch resistance, high aesthetic value, wide range of colors, and possibility of special effects and textures make this material an ideal choice for rolls intended for trade shows.

Handling and lightness

Exhibition agents need to have the entire collection easily available. The most suitable media, therefore, are those that allow all the jewelry to be presented at the same time, so as to effectively communicate brand identity and promote sales.

Being able to rely on custom-designed rolls and trays is essential in this context: if the agent is not forced to disentangle different media, but can focus on a single “stage” for the jewelry, the presentation will also gain in elegance and fluidity.


Trade shows are unparalleled showcases where it is essential to play one’s cards to the fullest: each piece of jewelry must have the right space and be well harmonized with the rest of the collection.

The versatility of trays and purse rolls, which are used extensively for trade shows and will be discussed later, depends entirely on theorganization of the inner boards. The design of the cards is a key moment that determines the type of jewelry to be presented and the final effect on the viewer, and we at SDJ Packing take the utmost care, offering our customers the greatest freedom in customization.

Jewelry rolls: which models are best for trade shows?

Our jewelry rolls are practical, functional and elegant media for the presentation of all kinds of jewelry. As we have seen in the comparison of soft, rigid, and duffle rolls, each model has different features and strengths, and depending on your specific presentation needs you will prefer one over the other.

For trade shows, purse rolls undoubtedly offer attractive advantages. They are compact, space-saving, versatile and easily carried even in carry-on luggage in the case of air travel, an essential requirement for agents. The largest model can hold up to 15 cards and present a large sampling of jewelry.

They can hold a lot of valuables arranged in internal tabs with boxes, sleepers, tabs, hooks and rubber bands. Each type of precious can have a dedicated card, so the collection is not set up with the logic of the showcase, according to a dynamic arrangement, but divided by type of precious.

Mixed rolls offer the opportunity to present a collection all at once, placing different jewels side by side to create a complete, varied and impressive arrangement.

Rigid rolls, mainly accommodate only one type of precious rings, bracelets or watches, but are perfect for presenting these specific types of precious in a rational and orderly manner. They take up very little space, are easily stacked and keep the collection tidy while ensuring maximum protection.

Trays: from design to trade show presentation

With regard to jewelry trays, different transportation and presentation needs are also matched by a particular model.

I-Light trays are the ideal stand for trade shows because they are extremely lightweight and easy to handle, which allows for reduced transportation costs and exceptional usability for the agent.

The display trays-like the mixed rolls-are designed to present a complete collection and enhance the valuables with a prestigious frame. They are tailor-made for different collections and based on specific customer requests, requests that-in the case of the fair-will be even more precise.

Always remember that it is essential to set up a presentation that does not confuse the viewer, but draws his or her attention in a perfectly balanced harmony.

In conclusion, jewelry trays and rolls intended for trade shows must be practical, functional and elegant even more than those for jewelry. Agents need practical and manageable media, but above all, the collection must be put on display with the utmost care to impress observers.

The fair is a showcase, and valuable media are needed to get noticed. That is why we at SDJ Packing provide our customers with first-rate, durable and long-lasting media in a wide range of colors and materials, with maximum freedom for customization.

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