The new SDJ Packing WEBSITE

A real experience within the new SDJ Packing web portal, where the user can discover the world of a young and dynamic company. Research and know-how come together to offer increasingly innovative solutions, and together with our experience, we have decided to take our customers on a journey through our designs, where they can explore […]

Royal and Supreme. SDJ Packing’s new necklace busts.

Displaying jewelry in a harmonious and elegant way helps to make it even more special and enhance its uniqueness. Of all jewelry, necklaces are the ones that require the most attention when displaying. Therefore, for each piece of jewelry, it is essential to choose a specific and appropriate display that will bring out its details […]

Tailor made in practice: the showcase for Amen

Elegance, creativity and innovation-the elements that make packaging a true design object. We constantly refine our artistic and design skills to create unique, custom-made showcases that best express your brand’s personality. We manufacture exclusive displays that go far beyond simple customization. Tailor made: a deep connection with the customer Tailor made has always been a […]

Box or clutch bag: a choice of style

Boxes and clutches are essential to complete a precious gift. The jewelry packaging , in fact, serves not only to package, but also to enhance the identity of the collection with a functional and elegant frame. But what are the differences between box and clutch? What elements should guide the choice? Let’s see it together. […]

Trade fairs and industry event: how to transport and present jewelry?

For the gold and jewelry world, trade shows are a very important time. On these occasions, each collection must be presented and enhanced to the best of its ability: there are many brands, and to win over visitors everything must be taken care of down to the smallest detail. The media that are brought to […]

How to choose the type of display according to the location in the store

By displaying the jewelry in the most appropriate manner, it can positively influence the customer’s purchase decision. In setting up a jewelry store, it is essential, therefore, to choose the type of jewelry display stand that will best enhance the collection. To do so, we need to consider the type of store, whether multibrand or […]

The three uses of jewelry trays

Our jewelry trays are designed to be versatile first and foremost. They are indispensable media in both jewelry stores and trade shows because they serve a dual purpose: they store jewelry and present it in an elegant and refined manner. They can therefore be used in different ways: for storage in jewelry stores and for […]